Another maddening motorist habit exposed

To the editor:

Francis McCabe’s Road Warrior column in Wednesday’s Review-Journal verified that one of my driving pet peeves is indeed illegal and dangerous. I already knew this, but I frequently seem to be behind other drivers who do not.

Good Samaritans, please take note: What might be fine courtesy when you are on foot puts multiple cars and the people in them at risk when driving.

We all have enough trouble keeping track of others who may hurt us and our loved ones and damage our cars by simply being bad drivers. But trying to figure out if the good Samaritan is going to add another problem by stopping in a through-traffic lane and yielding the right of way is too much.

People who are waiting to get into traffic from a parking lot need to just wait their proper turn, and certainly not try to creep out and weave through several lanes of traffic on the outside chance that 50 or 5,000 other drivers, who have the right of way, will see them before a wreck has happened.

So, Mr. McCabe, why not tackle another frequent road problem which, if enough people knew this, could improve turning safety at intersections: When sitting in a left-turn lane pull as closely to the divider curb as possible. You can see oncoming traffic much better. This works, though, only if the person in the left-turn lane across the street knows it, too.

Thanks again to the Road Warrior. We can have safer streets.

Dorothy Jones


Rewarding our enemies

To the editor:

How fortunate for our Washington politicians that the federal government can print money.

With all the financial woes dragging our economy into recession, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton just committed $900 million to the Palestinians. Why?

Let the wealthy Muslim countries such as Saudi Arabia and Kuwait finance the people who have nothing but ill will for America.

Our wasteful officials are as bankrupt as our treasury, and they never learn.



What wealth?

To the editor:

In response to President Obama’s tax and social policies:

How are we going to “share the wealth” when there is less wealth to share?

Wayne Violette


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