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Another warning shot to parents

To the editor:

I am writing in response to your Feb. 24 article, “Deadly house party: A lifetime of goals left unmet after boy’s death.”

As the mother of a teenage son, I watch the news with growing horror. From the 311 Boyz, who conducted multiple acts of violence in the summer of 2003, to the senseless killings of high school students Chris Privett and Aric Brill, our community continues to experience random and planned acts of violence against youth.

What are we doing to stop it? The police are doing their part, but it’s time for increased involvement from parents and the community. We need to take action in our own neighborhoods to address vandalism, drug activity and violence. We need to know our neighbors, establish neighborhood watches, consider Metro our friend and find ways to mentor our youth through school, church and community organizations.

Parents, raise your children. Teach them values, right from wrong, and hold them accountable. Show them love and support in words and action. Through this, take away their “need” for a gang of any kind.

It’s time to take back our community before more children die.

Joni James


Ominous signs

To the editor:

President Obama has informed al-Qaida that they can begin regrouping for their next offensive: Sept. 1, 2010. Al-Qaida can use as propaganda pictures provided by our news media of the flag-draped coffins as they are transported back to America. All of this will prove that the Democrats were right when they said the war in Iraq was lost.

What does President Obama think these terrorists are going to do? You can bet your bottom dollar on a big offensive that will push Iraq into a civil war and, finally, the destruction of the country, which will fall into the hands of Iran. By the time this happens, Iran will be a nuclear power holding the whole Middle East hostage.

On top of this, the Democrats are pushing to curtail the freedom of speech and confiscate our guns. If you don’t believe it, look up H.R. 45.

This administration reminds me of a bumper sticker on a jacked-up truck: “Get in, sit down, shut up, buckle up and hang on.”

Travis Whitley


Strong Kool-Aid

To the editor:

The headline on the Saturday letter to the editor by Lynn Tramont, “Hate group’s ‘research’ pushes impossible agenda,” says it all. The inside-the-Beltway progressive’s response to a Feb. 25 Review-Journal report on opposition to illegal immigration was quite predictable. Ms. Tramont uses all the tried and true approaches, as the Kool-Aid in D.C. is quite strong.

She makes the wild charge that the Federation for American Immigration Reform is a hate group because the Southern Poverty Law Center says it supports the deportation of illegal aliens. FAIR represents much more than that. With no proof, Ms. Tramont claims that the questions in a FAIR poll were rigged to achieve the desired result. I guess that is supposed to mean only the liberal view is the correct one.

To say that by a 2-to-1 ratio our citizens support “comprehensive” immigration reform, including a path to citizenship, the payment of back taxes, criminal background checks and mandatory English instruction, is forgetting why the last comprehensive immigration bill failed. The majority of people want the borders locked down, our immigration laws enforced, and no amnesty granted to illegals.

I seriously doubt that any American citizen would, first of all, object to the deportation of criminal illegal aliens and organized gang members. Second, with the economy sinking, those who truly came here for jobs to help their families are going home voluntarily. Third, by enforcing existing laws and denying welfare and taxpayer-funded benefits to illegals, many more of the remainder would return home. At that point, this “impossible agenda” becomes possible.

And it is also most humane. Then we can establish a reasonable and controlled immigration policy that provides for the labor needs of the country, complete with identification, fingerprints, photographs and DNA.

As far as whether FAIR is targeting Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., Sen. Reid has to stand on his own performance. He and his co-conspirator, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., led the 110th Congress to a record of non-accomplishment that includes immigration reform.

A new statewide public opinion poll conducted by Zogby International finds that Sen. Reid is failing to represent the interests of the vast majority of his Nevada constituents on immigration policy. Sen. Reid’s consistent obstruction of immigration enforcement efforts is also taking a huge toll on Nevada’s state budget.

This is a subject that’s important to every American citizen, and as such it needs to have some open and rational discussion, not verbal bomb throwing. What we are doing now is not healthy — unless you are in favor of one-party rule in the near future.

Bill Thompson


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