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‘Bam’s policy on world bad guys

Stay with me this morning as we span this crazy globe in 600 words or less …

— For the first time in, like, forever, an American president visited the Middle East without a stop in Israel. If you care about the well-being of Israel and you voted for Barack Obama, let me try to reveal the truth to you: While he hasn’t said it in words, the president has most certainly said it in his actions: Israel is the problem in the Middle East.

— President Obama says it is righteous for Iran to develop nuclear energy, but not America, which will now discard the Yucca Mountain Project? Go figure.

— Speaking of nuclear naiveté, am I the only one who thinks that Obama’s foreign policy toward Iran and crazy anti-American dictators everywhere parallels this scene in the 2004 movie “Team America: World Police”?

Kim Jong Il: Oh, herro. Great to see you again, Barack!

Barack Obama: Mr. Il, I was supposed to be allowed to inspect your palace today, but your guards won’t let me enter certain areas.

Kim Jong Il: Barack, Barack, Barack! We’ve been frew this a dozen times. I don’t have any weapons of mass destwuction, OK Barack?

Barack Obama: Then let me look around, so I can ease the U.N.’s collective mind. I’m sorry, but I must be firm with you. Let me in, or else.

Kim Jong Il: Or erse what?

Barack Obama: Or else we will be very angry with you … and we will write you a letter, telling you how angry we are.

— On a less weighty matter, Mr. President, please date your wife on your own dime. Jetting to Manhattan purely for the personal pleasure of dinner and a play was, I admit, a romantic gesture. But don’t leave the nation with the bill.

— The Legislature adjourned on time, sticking Nevadans for an additional billion dollars in taxes. Say what you want about Gov. Jim Gibbons, but this is true: If it weren’t for his veto pen, the Legislature would have made it $2 billion.

— UNLV is a certified circus … and the elephant in the tent is Chancellor Jim Rogers. Can his exit on June 30 come fast enough?

— The governor declined to sign Assembly Bill 130, which would have empowered the sheriff of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department to negotiate and approve the collective bargaining agreements with the officers’ union. Good.

We would have lived to regret that change. Bad idea at just the wrong time.

— U.S. Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor said: “I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn’t lived that life.”

If that’s true — and it’s not — then we can only hope that this Latina woman can call upon her skin pigmentation and cultural heritage to recant that statement. Bet she doesn’t.

— Speaking of Judge Sotomayor: Sen. Harry Reid, D-Where-am-I, actually said this about her: “I understand that during her career, she’s written hundreds and hundreds of opinions. I haven’t read a single one of them, and if I’m fortunate before we end this, I won’t have to read one of them.”

Don’t worry, Harry. It’s just a seat on the U.S. Supreme Court and she’ll only be on the court for, say, 30 years or so.

Besides, no one expects a white male to reach a better conclusion … especially a white male Democrat.

Sherman Frederick (sfrederick@reviewjournal.com) is publisher of the Las Vegas Review-Journal and president of Stephens Media.

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