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Brace yourself for coming tax hikes

To the editor:

Many, many thunderous kudos to John Tobin for his Saturday letter to the editor, “Energy tax.” I agree with him 100 percent regarding global warming.

This is the biggest hoax since Orson Welles’ “War of the Worlds” in the ’30s. Actually, global warming makes any other scams we’ve known pale in comparison.

The energy tax will be passed on to consumers. The Obama administration has succeeded in sneaking in a tax increase, while promising not to raise taxes, in the name of stopping man-made climate change. Those who are not in the camp with Mr. Tobin and myself should now realize we have some serious ammunition: The Environmental Protection Agency itself has said there is no global warming, but instead, global cooling. The typical government response: cover it up and threaten to fire those who speak out.

The new socialist triumvirate — Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama — have done really well in their classes on how to destroy democracy and implement socialism. One of the first things that happens is skyrocketing taxes.

All of you Obama supporters better hang on to your wallets.

George Barnette


Someone else pays

To the editor:

When President Bush vetoed the expansion of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program, the Democrats were horrified. Finally, the Obama administration and the Democratic Congress did expand SCHIP.

They patted themselves on the back for passing it and, most of all, for having someone else pay for it. They paid the bill by adding 62 cents in taxes on every pack of cigarettes and increasing taxes on other tobacco products. It’s great when you pass a bill that others pay for.

I was surprised that these good-hearted liberals didn’t stand up and say, “I believe in SCHIP, so tax my SUV or my new boat or let us give an additional $1 on my taxes.” Nope, it’s easier when your passions are supported by others: smokers.

Then the hypocrisy. Tobacco users are the sole support of expanded SCHIP spending, but federal, state and local governments are restricting smoking. No smoking here, there and almost everywhere. It’s like asking a farmer to grow corn and taking away the seeds. These children-loving left wingers, who only pass bills others have to pay for, must be anti-child.

If you love children, then even if you don’t smoke, buy a carton for someone who does. Smoke for the children.

When the smokers are gone, who next will carry this burden? I would have thought in a democracy, everyone who supported this bill would have been glad to pay for part of it. Oh, I forgot, it’s a Democratic bill. Someone else has to pay while they take the credit of burdening another part of the population. No one protested.

When they come after the boat buyers, no one will protest. When they come after the spa buyers, no one will protest. When they come after you, no one will be left to protest.

And like any other government program, SCHIP will be mismanaged, abused, filled with fraud and will eventually need a bailout. Who then will be asked to pay?

Robert A. Appledorf


Restless holiday

To the editor:

After another sleepless night due to the fireworks going off in my neighborhood, I must ask the question once again: When will fireworks be banned from neighborhoods?

Smoking has been banned in restaurants and hotels. Secondhand smoke is detrimental to one’s health. Fireworks can be dangerous — even legal ones — because of the noise, and too many people set off illegal fireworks that end up in neighboring yards. The noise alone is detrimental to one’s health when one cannot sleep, and the elderly and animals suffer because of the continuous booms.

Please, please, can we once and for all get rid of this nuisance in the neighborhoods and confine fireworks to special areas in and around the city?

Barbara Gurley


Inspiring article

To the editor:

In response to Sonya Padgett’s Sunday article, “Home base: Family facing tough times gets big break from generous Realtor”:

What a nice story for a change. Craig Tann is to be complimented for his generosity and caring in providing a struggling family with a rent-free residence for six months. He is an example to others who might be able to help someone in need.

We need to get back to the basics of helping one another and not just letting greed dictate our lives. I hope that an employer that can use John Name’s area of expertise will come forward and provide him work.

Ms. Padgett, thank you for the wonderful story. And thanks to Mr. Tann.

Gary M. Warden


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