But we’ll be saved by the GOP sweep!

Last week, we detailed the Prussian brand of “state socialism,” which is the true goal of ObamaCare.

But the Republicans, once swept back into power next January — only with not quite enough votes to override an Obama veto — are going to repeal all this! Right?

Let me see. … Did they make any serious effort to repeal the graduated income tax anytime after 1913? To repeal Social Security anytime after 1933? Medicare or Medicaid anytime after 1965? Did they even shut down the counterproductive federal departments of Energy and Education, as Ronald Reagan promised to do in 1980?

Have the Republicans — or anyone in living memory — ever reduced federal spending below current income, picking up the phone and telling the Treasury boys: “Stop selling bonds; we’re now in surplus and we don’t need to borrow any more. In fact, let’s start calling in some of our old bonds and paying them off early”? When was that?

Their apologists will say, “They’ve never had the votes.” They never had the will.

Already Texas Republican Sen. John Cornyn and Nevada GOP Senator-wannabe Sue Lowden are saying “There are some good things in the Democrats’ health care bill, things we can all agree on that we don’t need to repeal, like requiring insurers to cover pre-existing conditions.” (Yes, they’ve both said that, separately, almost word for word.)

This is like requiring fire insurance providers to sell policies on houses which are already on fire — without letting them increase their rates. The goal is to either bankrupt them immediately, or force them to raise their rates across the board till the public squeals for nationalization, as Democrats sneer, “The greedy capitalists brought it on themselves.”

The real solution is to divorce health insurance from employment, so you don’t have to change health insurers every time you change jobs, any more than you have to change car insurers every time you change jobs. Why do you suppose they didn’t just do that?

The Tea Party people are going to save us? Well-meaning amateurs, they’ve already been set up.

What are they most upset about? The Medicare reimbursement cuts that were plugged into this ObamaCare package to make it “pencil out” as a deficit reducer. Let them squawk loud enough, and Congress will merely rescind the bulk of the “Medicare cuts” (for now). The Tea Parties will congratulate themselves that they’ve “won,” and go home. Obama-Reid-Pelosi PrussianCare will still be in place … only now, with the fig leaf of “deficit reduction” removed, the whole system will go bankrupt even faster!

Go back and read Eric Blair (George Orwell to you). It’s amazing how fast we’ve moved into the permanent welfare-warfare Snitch State. The radio is full of ads advising us to turn in our neighbors for a reward if their cars are smoking.

Why do we need to do that, when we’ve already got mandatory smog checks? If they don’t work, why not repeal them?

Open your atlas to a map of Afghanistan. Sketch in the area held by U.S. troops and the areas held by “the enemy.” Any kid could have sketched such a map during the wars of 1863 or 1944. But you can’t, can you?

(The supposedly “retarded” Thomas Edison made his first seed money — the money he would pyramid till it funded all his great research and inventions — while he was a 12-year-old working in a railroad baggage car, printing on donated type a newspaper called the “Grand Trunk Herald,” in which he reported Civil War news. Between the child labor laws and the income tax, his success could never be duplicated now.)

How do our military efforts in remote Afghanistan bring us closer to “capturing those responsible for the World Trade Center attacks of Sept. 11, 2001”? The supposed “war aim” isn’t even mentioned anymore.

Meantime, Obama and Hillary propose to sell Israel down the river. As in “1984,” the folk who were the good guys last Friday suddenly show up as the bad guys in Monday’s headlines.

Next? Amnesty for 30 million illegal aliens, who will vote Democratic while stealing jobs from American private-sector workers, and then on to “carbon taxes,” which Mr. Obama himself says “will cause the cost of energy to necessarily skyrocket” — all justified by a “global warming” scam now so thoroughly and embarrassingly debunked that even Mr. Obama had to acknowledge that little problem in his State of the Union speech.

By that time, they’ll discover the “health care reform” that was supposed to “reduce the deficit” has instead put us a further couple of trillion dollars in debt, leaving these geniuses no choice but to enact a national “Value Added Tax” that will initially be advertised as “replacing the personal income tax” (yay!), though at the last minute they’ll decide we really need both … but just for a little while, you understand.

There’s a lot of brave talk about “resistance” — refusing to turn over our medical records to the government, and so on — from people who already dutifully report on their tax forms each year their children’s names and ages, how many miles they drove last year, how much they spent on medical bills. Those who don’t knuckle under when they find themselves alone (as most do) will die, and their only epitaph will be “Insane loner, probably influenced by Militia Movement, Teabaggers, and Rush Limbaugh, goes up in flames.”

No one will even be provided the ink to lament their passing.

Our only hope now lies in what mathematicians call “Chaos Theory.” It turns out change is not always gradual.

In 1789, the French aristocrats reassured themselves that there had been plenty of peasant revolts, down through the centuries, all failures.

Only in 1789, it didn’t turn out that way.

The French Revolution never reached these shores. With a pretty good compromise called “the U.S. Constitution,” a group of wealthy landowners managed to postpone the chaos here for almost 250 years.

But Nevada Congresscritter Dina Titus no longer worries about the U.S. Constitution — the last fig leaf they had left to cover their naked tyranny — because, she says, “The Constitution has been interpreted lots of ways.”

Vin Suprynowicz is assistant editorial page editor of the Las Vegas Review-Journal and author of “Send in the Waco Killers” and the novel “The Black Arrow.” See www.vinsuprynowicz.com/.

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