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EDITORIAL: Biden struggles on border in crisis of his own making

How damaging politically is the border crisis for President Joe Biden? So bad that the White House this week again distanced itself from the concept of “sanctuary cities” so beloved by progressives.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has done the nation a service by exposing the hypocrisy of left-leaning jurisdictions that advertise themselves as safe havens for those in the country illegally, even those with criminal records. Ever since Gov. Abbott began sending busloads of migrants from his border towns to New York, Denver, Chicago and elsewhere, the mayors of these “sanctuary cities” have been complaining and begging for federal help.

It’s easier to carry the banner for open borders when you don’t have to live with the consequences.

On Wednesday, the Biden administration also recognized a similar reality. Administration officials said they now believe that local police should notify immigration authorities when they apprehend criminals who are in the country illegally.

“We welcome local law enforcement’s support and cooperation in apprehending and removing individuals who pose a risk to national security or public safety,” a White House spokesperson told Fox News Digital. “When a local jurisdiction has information about an individual who could pose a threat to public safety, we want them to share that information with ICE.”

This is in conflict with the concept of sanctuary cities, which often prohibit law enforcement agencies from partnering with immigration officials to identify and possibly remove potentially dangerous illegal migrants in local custody.

During a 2020 primary debate, candidate Biden said he didn’t believe undocumented migrants who are arrested by police should be turned over to immigration officials. As Fox News points out, one of Mr Biden’s first moves in office was to impose a moratorium on deportations. He also reopened the spigot so Department of Justice grants could flow to sanctuary cities.

By last year, however, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, in a speech to mayors implied that local police should communicate with immigration officials regarding illegal migrants who represent a public safety threat.

Mr. Biden is under pressure to do something on the border, particularly after a Venezuelan national in the country illegally was arrested last week in the tragic killing of a Georgia college student. The suspect had previously been detained and released by the Border Patrol, the New York Police Department and local authorities in Georgia, The New York Times reported.

Polls show Americans have little confidence in the president’s ability to manage the border. Surveys also show that immigration is among the most important issues for voters, most of whom are smart enough to know that Mr. Biden’s predicament is of his own making.

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