EDITORIAL: Let the campaign begin

The first roadside campaign signs that went up last month were a dead giveaway, but the incumbent judges and attorneys filing for judicial positions makes it official: It’s an election year.

If you’re still not over the super-PAC advertising that pounded Nevada just 14 months ago, too bad. The chase is on to capture your vote in June’s primary and November’s general election. It’s a nonpresidential ballot, which tends to diminish voter interest, but Nevadans have good reason to take notice.

The most important race on the November ballot involves a question, not candidates: an initiative from the state teachers union to impose a 2 percent margins tax on business revenue. Clark County voters will elect a new sheriff. And several judgeships, offices that have huge ramifications for your rights, will be contested.

Pay attention. It’s not always easy, especially when so much campaign messaging is dumbed down or downright dishonest. But being a voter was never supposed to be easy. Casting an informed ballot requires engagement and skepticism. Read this newspaper. Review every mailer. Try to meet candidates for office, and be armed with questions.

The future of your community and your state depends on it.

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