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EDITORIAL: The Green New Deal would ban air travel

Democrats unveiled their Green New Deal last week. For Republicans and the White House, this should be the gift that keeps on giving.

The proposal is a radical socialist manifesto that is less about protecting the environment than about disrupting and dismantling an economic system that has made this nation the most prosperous in world history. That many of the Democratic presidential hopefuls have embraced this platform is astonishing. It should also help awaken moderate American voters to just how far left the Democratic base has lurched in recent years.

Skeptics have long been dismissed as paranoid cranks for suggesting the true danger of climate change is that the issue would become a Trojan horse for an extreme progressive agenda intended to advance collectivism. Those skeptics have now been vindicated.

It’s true that the Green New Deal was introduced in the form of a resolution, so it has no weight of law. But it nevertheless highlights precisely what Americans will get if they reward Democrats with control of the White House and Congress.

Far from being a simple road map on how to wean the country off fossil fuels in the next decade, the declaration sports a laundry list of leftist and union fantasies that have nothing to do with the environment. There’s a guaranteed government job for anyone who wants it, government-run health care, “adequate housing” for all and “economic security” for those who are “unwilling to work.”

No sector of the economy is safe from the tyranny of these central planners. The proposal advocates “overhauling entire industries” and forcing every homeowner and building owner to retrofit their property to please the whims of autocratic progressives. It envisions getting “rid of … airplanes” — really! — and essentially nationalizing U.S. energy, agricultural and transportation interests. Stalin would be proud.

To pay for all this and create a green energy utopia — no nuclear power, of course — the government will just “extend credit” and create public banks to hand out taxpayer money to favored interests. It’s just that simple!

The Green New Deal is a dangerous sham that would cost millions of Americans their jobs, upend their day-to-day lives and erode their freedoms while destroying the nation’s standard of living. The campaign ads write themselves. If Republicans can’t spin this colossal overreach into gold, they might as well disband.

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