The hypocrisy continues

The Nevada Assembly last week unanimously OK’d Assembly Bill 407, supposedly designed to clarify Nevada law, making it clear a candidate has to live in the district he intends to represent.

“Where we live, where we shop, where we worship, where our children go to school — that’s very, very important in a representative democracy such as ours,” intoned Assembly Minoirity Leader Pat Hickey, R-Reno, a co-sponsor of this gigantic fraud. “The spirit of the bill is to clarify, most importantly , thast a person’s actual residence is what counts.”

Oh, hogwash.

The issue arose when Democrat Andrew Martin showed up in Carson City this winter expecting to be seated after Clark County District Judge Rob Bare had ruled, prior to November’s election, that Martin lived outside District 9 and was not eligible to run. So what if the ruling came too late to remove Martin from the ballot, and that he ended up garnering 1,300 more votes in the Democrat-leaning district than Republican candidate Kelly Hurst, who brought the matter before the court with proof that Martin lived outside the district?

The lawmakers themselves had the final say on whether to seat Mr. Martin, in the face of that court ruling, and seat him they did. Under AB 407, guess who would still have the final say in such matters? The same gang of hypocrites who seated Mr. Martin, yet now babble about how important it is that our representatives shop in the same supermarkets as their constituents.

In fact, it gets even better. AB 407 would avoid the embarrassment and inconvenience of would-be lawmakers being held ineligible in autumn court rulings by — are you ready? — outlawing such autumn court rulings.

Under the bill, no judge would be able to rule a candidate ineligible after the fourth Friday in June, meaning if the miscreant managed to keep his crime secret till mid-summer, he’d get a free cruise for all four months of the summer and fall campaign, without any court being able to say a word.

If Mr. Hickey, Assembly Democratic Speaker Marilyn Kirkpatrick, et al., really mean any of this, why not bounce Mr. Martin, telling him to try again next time, perhaps running in the district where he really lives?

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