We’re not last?

How ironic that in a city where residents fret about being ranked at or near the bottom in so many measurements, both subjective and scientific, Las Vegas managed to stay out of the basement in the one survey that absolutely, positively should have put us in the cellar.

Allstate Insurance Co. released its annual America’s Best Drivers survey, ranking the country’s 200 largest cities based on the frequency of its customers’ collision claims. And Las Vegas placed No. 144!

The numbers don’t lie in this case, we suppose. But Las Vegas caught a break, because if Allstate had simply relied on the anecdotes of its local agents, we’d be No. 200 for sure.

Seriously, do you see the kind of racing maneuvers and moving violations that take place on our streets and highways anywhere else in America? We’re 21 percent more likely to have a collision than the national average.

Washington, D.C., finished No. 200, but that has more to do with congestion than driving habits. America’s Best Drivers, according to the survey, reside in Fort Collins, Colo.

It must be nice to get through a day without being passed in the breakdown lane, without being tailgated going 10 mph over the posted speed limit — in the right lane! — or being honked for not following the four cars in front of you through a red turn arrow.

For some people, being the worst drivers in America is a matter of pride. And the Allstate survey is another cruel blow to a city that needs good news. We managed to come in behind North Las Vegas, at No. 126, and Henderson, No. 96.

How about this spin: Reno, which has long enjoyed having its state infrastructure subsidized at Southern Nevada’s expense, finished seventh in the Allstate rankings.

Obviously, Reno’s roads and highways are in fine shape, leaving Washoe County drivers calm and courteous. The billion-dollar bridge boondoggle that is the Reno-to-Carson City expressway is nearly done, to boot.

Clearly, Reno doesn’t need any more state highway funding for, say, at least 30 years. What say you, lawmakers and Department of Transportation planners?

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