Get government out of health care

To the editor:

It was gratifying to see the June 21 commentary by Rep. Dean Heller challenging the federal government’s proposal for health care “reform.” We are being told that the proposed plan would actually save money. But the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office estimates the plan would add $1 trillion to our debt in a decade.

The extra cost of the proposed medical care would be added to our huge cost of Medicare, which is forecasted to run out of money in about nine years.

Besides not being able to afford more medical care, we have to recognize that with government health care we would destroy a large piece of individual liberty. With the many government social programs we already have we have been changing the relationship between the state and the citizen; the citizen’s role is increasingly that of dependent. We should recall a Revolutionary War-era slogan: “Live free or die!”

My wife and I like our medical plan and care, and we are concerned that we will lose it if our provider cannot compete against a government health scheme. We would then be forced into the socialized medicine provided by the government.

Dean Heller suggested the government needed to work toward getting coverage to the uninsured. This is a tricky subject because the estimates of uninsured vary from 10 million to 50 million. Whatever the real number is, it contains many healthy young people who do not wish to buy insurance — and, of course, the count probably includes many illegal aliens.

So we need to go slow on embracing more coverage. But more importantly, the government should not get more involved in health care. We cannot afford it.

Richard N. Fulton


Health care

To the editor:

Well, well, well. It seems that Rep. Dean Heller may not do his homework before he speaks. Is he the only person in Congress who doesn’t know what “option” means?

The Obama public health option is just that. President Obama makes a point of stressing that, if you like the coverage that you have, keep it. Yet Rep. Heller twists this in the opposite direction. This is either deliberate deception or issue ignorance on his part. How can I be sure that he reads any other legislation before he acts on it?

President Obama has a workable plan for those 47 million people who lack coverage and those whose coverage is woefully inadequate.

In addition, Dean Heller writes that if the federal government goes into the business of providing health insurance, tax dollars will pay for it. Hello, Dean Heller! My taxes are paying for the health insurance that you have as a member of Congress. What makes you better than the rest of us?

Patricia van Betten


More Ensign

To the editor:

As a Clark County School District teacher, I preach to my students the importance of treating all people with courteous and respectful behavior, and I lead by example in setting up a classroom environment that is safe and calm for my students. What if, in the evenings, I berated and screamed curses and obscenities at my friend’s children, whom I care for weekly? What if I emotionally abused these children consistently for nine months?

After being told of my behavior, would the taxpayers support me? Would they believe that my “personal indiscretions” should not be considered as I try to move up the ranks to the position of school principal and then district superintendent?

Each day, for more than 250 consecutive days, John Ensign chose to conduct his personal life in the exact opposite way than what he publicly professed is the way that everybody should be behaving. Why are so many people still supporting him?



In the toilet

To the editor:

America’s companies are disgusting.

First of all, it’s the officers who run these organizations running up the price of the stock just so they can get more pay. And there is nothing the stockholders can do about the pay these robber barons receive. There is precious little that companies give to the stockholders in the way of dividends, and traders use the dividend issue only to bid up the price of the stock. A person could go to the poor house if dividends were his source of income.

Second, gasoline is out of control again. I buy the cheapest facial tissue I can find but in the past year, its price has gone up at least 12 percent. Boy, wouldn’t I like to have a 12 percent increase in my income. Only if one works for government or government-supported entities can one get an increase in salary, and that usually goes to the supposed intellects of the organizations. Soon enough, all of the people who have given up a few benefits right now, will once again pounce upon our governments to reinstall what they have temporarily given up.

Third, all this bailout did was balance the books of the companies who would have gone into some form of bankruptcy. The lenders of money are doing no such thing as our newspaper is full of news that there are still more and more foreclosures.

I don’t know how America will survive without the old manufacturing base we used to have.

James Altemara


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