Good luck getting lawmakers on the phone

To the editor:

Our elected officials speak boldly about wanting to hear what their constituents have to say — and boldly proclaim that they are working diligently for the voters.

However, try to contact one of them. Good luck.

If you are not wealthy or politically influential, forget it. I called a U.S. senator’s offices, both here and in D.C., with simple questions. After more than six phone calls, I finally spoke to someone other than the receptionist.

One of the questions: How many employees does the senator have? Nobody knew the answer. Hmmm. Another question: How do I speak personally to the senator? The answer: “Leave a message, and I will be sure that he gets the message.”

All I have ever received from his office was a form letter stating that he values my opinions and statements. He didn’t even sign it, so I doubt that he ever heard the request. I guess he is too busy on Capitol Hill pushing his socialist agenda.

Another senator’s office wasn’t much better. No response to a meeting request has been received after a month and a half. At least his Web site stated that he has 43 employees on the payroll, but when I called, nobody there seemed to know what all of these people do.

Our elected officials don’t seem to understand that they work for the people who work every day and pay taxes. They don’t work for non-taxpayers, but they sure listen to them more that the common man. They don’t care what the average citizen wants.

Is there someone who knows how to contact these people? Let me know. They need to hear the common man’s opinions.

John McKinnon


We’re all related

To the editor:

The Review-Journal had two items in its Wednesday edition that reminded me of something I read when I lived in New York City.

The first item was in the Dear Abby column. She wrote about a woman who had unknowingly been married to her half-brother. Neither person knew of this and, when it was revealed that her father had had an affair with his mother, the news caused the woman’s husband to suffer a fatal heart attack.

Then, on Page 11A, there was an article about two brothers who had been adopted by different couples in the same area around Waldoboro, Maine, meeting up more than 30 years later when one got a job at the bedding retailer where the other was working. They then found a half-sister when their story was covered in the press.

These articles reminded me of the story of Gary Klahr, of Wilton, Conn., who found out that he had 12 siblings, one of whom was his best friend of more than 20 years, Steve Barbin, and another of whom was a woman he had once dated. This discovery happened when he got a call from a social worker who was doing a medical records search for one of his sisters. Mr. Klahr was raised Jewish, but he found out that he and the other eight siblings adopted out were from a Roman Catholic family.

As one who has been involved in genealogy, these family-secret situations are one reason why I like to say “We are all related.”

Al Wirtzbaum


In defense of Bush

To the editor:

In response to Kathy Kelley’s Tuesday letter to the editor, “Bush deserved bashing”:

“W” was (and still is) an honorable man who did what he believed was best for our country. So did Dick Cheney.

Euphemistically speaking, the current president is “truthfully challenged” — he actually does say one thing and then immediately contradicts himself or acts in direct contradiction. I would call this lying. His sidekick gives every indication of living in Never Never Land. I could expound further, at great length, but something tells me it wouldn’t compel Ms. Kelley and her ilk to open their minds and start checking facts.

Shad Dvorchak


Dumb is as dumb does

To the editor:

In response to letter writer Kathy Kelley, who says President Bush was dumb:

President Obama is the guy who said all we have to do is put more air in our tires and we’ll save more oil than we would get by drilling. Didn’t he also make a remark about there being 58 states?

Richard Santa Maria


New revolution

To the editor:

In his address to the United Nations General Assembly on Wednesday, President Obama said, “No individual should be forced to accept the tyranny of their own government.”

I think President Obama just gave American citizens the green light for the Second American Revolution.

S.G. Hayes Sr.


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