How can voters support lowest-rated Congress ever?

To the editor:

Last month, the Rasmussen Reports tracking poll had the Democrat-led Congress with a 9 percent approval rating. After the recent decision of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to send Congress on a five-week vacation rather than allow a vote on our nation’s energy future, that historically low 9 percent number has surely gone down.

It seems that having Americans pay $4 per gallon at the pump is a secondary issue to Rep. Pelosi, in particular. When asked on national TV why she would not let a vote proceed to allow offshore drilling, the speaker said she was "trying to save the planet." I hope the arrogance and stupidity of that statement marks the point when voters have finally heard and seen enough from the current leaders of the Democratic Party.

We have a real crisis of demand racing way ahead of supply. The Democrats say "don’t drill" because the oil we will find is at least five to 10 years away from being useful. What hypocrisy. The alternative energy the Democrats want, on a scale that could power America, is many decades away.

All of us are for developing alternative energy sources, but the fact is we’ll need fossil fuels for as long as anyone reading this draws a breath. That means we must increase domestic drilling or remain the hostages of foreign oil, with all the national security perils that entails.

Only an elitist politician from San Francisco could tell Americans to live with high gasoline prices while she "saves the planet" and then goes on vacation. Only voters who like watching their lives shrink into government-imposed serfdom would allow her to remain in power.

Charles Fieldus



Flip-flopping novice

To the editor:

Barack Obama spent 143 working days in the U.S. Senate before he decided to run for president, and during that time he avoided voting on some very important legislation. Now I’m supposed to believe he’s some kind of experienced genius in being able to solve America’s problems when his record shows nothing was accomplished by him and his fellow senators.

I now have to wait because what he says today could change tomorrow to appease the voting public.

Sen. Obama now holds the record on changing his mind, and Sen. John McCain, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and other current or former candidates are novices next to the Illinois Democrat on flip-flopping.




Hooray for Harry

To the editor:

In response to recent letters criticizing the performance of Sen. Harry Reid:

No Nevadan has ever reached a higher post in the federal government than Sen. Reid. As Senate majority leader, he decides when the Senate will be in session, what bills will reach the floor for a vote, and he can make sure that Nevada gets his fair share of disbursements.

So conservatives can nitpick him all they want, but if you want the best for Nevada, he’s the man. Anyone who thinks that some dewy-eyed freshman senator could do more for our state is a fool.

Richard J. Mundy



We need more oil now

To the editor:

The Democrats pride themselves on being intellectuals. However, they have absolutely no common sense. They remind me of Nero playing his violin as Rome burned.

We need oil now. Wind power, solar power and geothermal power will not help now, if ever. How will plug-in hybrids help people who live in apartments? How will wind power or solar power help airlines?

We need more oil, more refineries, more nuclear power, more clean coal power. Not more windmills that many Democrats and environmentalists do not want in their back yards. They don’t even want the power lines to transmit the electricity from the wind farms to the cities and towns.

Democrats keep stating that drilling won’t help now. However, five years from now, I don’t want to be paying $8 or $9 for a gallon of gas. Yes, drilling now will help the American public, now and five years from now. Congress has to suspend the moratorium on offshore drilling — now.

vito polizzi


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