How is that a violation of the health codes?

To the editor:

I was very offended by your June 10 Restaurant Report, which stated that the Applebee’s Restaurant at 10305 S. Eastern Ave., Henderson, received demerits for violations which "included health warning for alcohol not posted in Spanish."

My God. This is America. Our forefathers wrote the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution in English.

If you want to be politically correct, then health warnings should be posted in every language.

I think it’s about time we stood up and declared English the official language of the good old U.S.A., once and for all. Why should the citizens of the United States conform to another language? Quit wasting taxpayer money printing everything from DMV handbooks, election forms, school documents, hospital paperwork, etc., in foreign languages.

If you’re so proud of your native language and don’t want to learn English, then please go back to your native country and improve the quality of your life there.

To the Southern Nevada Health District: Reconsider your inspection process.

John Noble



Hidden spending

To the editor:

Whatever happened to transparency? The War Supplemental Appropriations Bill (H.R. 2356) is a prime example of an omnibus spending bill.

I don’t have any objection to Congress considering and debating spending money on international food assistance or the State Department or the staff at the National Security Council or on wildfires, avian flu or police radios. But what are they doing in a war supplemental bill? This is obfuscation on a grand scale.




News lurker

To the editor:

Now I’m truly frightened about where our country is headed ("U.S. prosecutors narrow subpoena: Information on two R-J Web site posts sought," Wednesday Review-Journal).

I live in rural Georgia. I’m a retired teacher. I’m a "lurker" — I read news articles online all day, and I never comment. A secret proceeding so the government can seek personal information on private citizens?

I suppose this will place my name on some obscure federal government watch list. I hope so.

It will make for a nice long snooze for another government worker on the public teat.

Judy R. Feinhardt


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