Imus, Duke lacrosse and ‘articulate’ Obama

To the editor:

With all the racially charged stories in the news, I’d like to offer commentary on a few:

— Several weeks ago, two black women were on the MSNBC news/talk programs voicing their outrage at Sen. Joseph Biden’s use of the word “articulate” in describing Barack Obama, opining the word to be a great insult. I thought they were full of baloney at the time, and now I read in USA Today that the Rutgers women’s basketball coach described her players as “articulate.”

— Now that Al Sharpton got his way with Don Imus being fired, I’d like to know when he’s going to take himself off the air for saying “Jewing the numbers” on the air last November. (It was played on the Michael Savage show.)

— Now that the former Duke lacrosse players have been cleared of all charges, I wonder if the families of the three boys are going to hire attorneys to pore over tapes of all the slanderous statements that were made on the cable news/talk shows back then by Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, the New Black Panthers Party and others against these “innocent” boys. Where are their apologies? They all deserve whatever lawsuits may befall them.



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