Is Ensign affair the biggest story of the decade? Not hardly

To the editor:

The reason Sen. John Ensign’s infidelity does not make me totally distraught and upset is because he is not my god. He is my senator. The most disheartening thing about this situation is that the Review-Journal and the Las Vegas Sun have made this the biggest headline I can recall seeing in eons.

If President Clinton can have oral sex in the Oval Office with a 22-year-old and then lie about it on national TV, and if Sen. Ted Kennedy can drive drunk, take a girl’s life, then go off and leave her and fail to report the “mishap,” I think we need to cut our senator some slack.

We need balance in the media: We need to acknowledge that Sen. Ensign is human and has made a mistake that he is obviously horribly ashamed of — that’s more than we can say for Sen. Kennedy or Mr. Clinton. Above all, because his wife chose to forgive him (long ago, let it be noted) and feels satisfied that their marriage has been through the fire and survived, then the press can certainly report the story, but keep it in perspective. This frenzy is way out of proportion.

Darlene Ensign deserves kudos for dignity and grace. Our senator deserves forgiveness. We, the people, deserve a news media that report the weighty, life-threatening issues that surround us in today’s world.

Sen. Ensign’s done a good job in Congress — he certainly knows the world is watching, and that God is watching. That’s where it counts.

Monterey Brookman


Fair and balanced?

To the editor:

If there is still anyone out there who believes that Fox News is a legitimate news operation, the latest development in the Ensign escapades will be instructive.

One of the on-camera stars of the Fox Follies, Megyn Kelly, was given a letter from the “aggrieved” husband explaining in detail Sen. John Ensign’s affair with his wife. Any legitimate news bureau would have made this information public. That’s what journalists do.

By sitting on this blockbuster until it was published by actual news professionals working for real news outlets, Fox demonstrated once again that it is just an electronic newsletter for the Republican Party. If the “breaking news” isn’t good for the party, it isn’t news, and it won’t be breaking on Fox anytime soon.

Sandy Hogan


Single payer

To the editor:

President Obama is being disingenuous when he says that he has no plans for nationalized health care. He keeps insisting that no bills being discussed include a single-payer health system. What he is disingenuous about is the fact that the “ideas” being discussed cannot help but lead to such a single-payer system. He is either naive or conniving.

What employer is going to continue to offer health insurance via employment when it can be off-loaded to a “public option”? How can private companies compete with government?

Perhaps Mr. Obama is not used to principle. Principle, you see, allows one to see not just the road right in front, but the direction the road leads. When there is no principle, any particular act can be viewed in a vacuum.

Leftists have no principle. They blow with the wind.

Remember when they started passing all the cigarette regulations? Opponents worried that the beginning of government regulation would lead to total regulation by government. “It will never be like that!” the cries said. “Cigarettes will never be outlawed! It’s just a little step.” Now, the FDA will “regulate” tobacco, which means that total regulation has commenced. And they said it would never happen.

That is because principle requires consistent application. Populist whims from “pure democracy” do not require consistency. Everything becomes relative to the moment. Principle remains the same over time.

Frankly, I believe the president is not stupid and is, therefore, disingenuous about health care reform and where it will lead. Folks on the left have just figured out that the way to achieve their ends is by guile and deception. More’s the pity that the people keep falling for it.

Kevin L. Stockton


Immigration reform

To the editor:

As a retired customs officer with about 15 years of southern border experience, I must agree with immigration attorney Adam Chester’s Friday letter to the editor. He points out that broad generalizations and inaccuracies exist in many opinions formed by critics of our immigration policies, and of illegal immigrants. I also agree that immigration reform is long overdue. Mr. Chester also mentions that families need to be kept intact by any legislation enacted by us.

In all fairness, I’d like to complete the picture he presents. A large number of persons entering the United States illegally at our southern border are criminals, running away from the authorities in their own country, or coming to continue their criminal activities here. These are not people deserving of amnesty, but people who must be found and deported through increased domestic enforcement of existing laws.

As for keeping families intact, a significant number of females entering illegally are pregnant, and are coming to ensure that their babies are born as U.S. citizens due to our antiquated birthright laws. It is time these laws were changed so that infants born here are citizens of their parents’ country, not ours. Doing this would solve most problems concerning the splitting up of families.

Many hardworking, honest illegals may deserve leniency or other paths to legal citizenship. However, points of contention such as illegals receiving free education and free medical care in our country must be addressed to quell the issues arising from ignoring the voices of U.S. taxpayers.

Frank Musaraca


Machine politics

To the editor:

A note as to our president’s spineless comments on Iran and democratic ideals:

I have now read many reports on the Iran election and about what seems to be the complete lack of commitment of our president to push the democratic principles that made us the greatest nation in the history of the world.

After seeing report after report of abnormally high voter turnout in Iran (141 percent in one town alone), and being a Chicago boy whose father worked diligently for the Daley machine in ’68, I now understand why President Obama seems to not want to comment on the illegitimacy of Iran’s election: It was like an election in his home turf!

How could this guy even begin to comment on an old Daley-style election, where dead people and non-people are able to vote? Heck, he’s probably homesick just at the thought of it.

Joe Brandon


Basic civics

To the editor:

A recent Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll indicates 46 percent of Americans still blame President Bush for the current economic dilemma. Evidently, these 46 percent either never went to school or were never exposed to lessons in American government, or are so star-struck with idolatry and political rhetoric that they fail to recognize, or accept, the fact that all fiscal matters are first approved in the House of Representatives and then the Senate; after which such bills go to the president for approval or veto. (Congress is the money minder, Democrat or Republican majority).

If school systems can only get the increased funding sought, perhaps more detail can be devoted to and teachers can do a better job of instructing in how United States government actually works. Such readily available references as “The Mayflower Compact,” “The Declaration of Independence,” “The Articles of Confederation,” “The Federalist Papers,” “The Bill of Rights,” “The United States Constitution” and other publications such as “How a Bill Becomes Law” and “The Congressional Record” could fill the intellectual void that seems to exist in the decision making process of this 46 percent of poll responders.

There are many ways teachers can use these documents to help students overcome ignorance and become enlightened about citizenship and government roles and responsibilities in the United States of America. Parents should demand as much from our schools as they do for math, science, the arts and athletics. But no, all education of our youth and young adults has to be warm and fuzzy.

Robert S. Tobias


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