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Joe Biden and ‘The Lie’

Let’s just call it “The Lie.”

At first, it seemed harmless.

But the more I thought about it — delivered so effortlessly without so much as a wink or a twitch — the more “The Lie” bothered me. Now, I’m so offended, I’m going to dedicate this whole column to Vice President Joe Biden and suggest that “The Lie” he told Nevadans ought to set all Americans thinking about the arrogance that has become the Obama administration.

Let me set the stage.

On Oct. 16, at the Lawlor Events Center on the campus of the University of Nevada, Reno, the vice president delivered a speech with an opening line that claimed his visit — drumroll please — “is … not … a … political … event.”

However, the morning began with a $2,400-a-plate breakfast fundraiser at a local casino for Sen. Harry Reid. It then moved like a Democratic Party progressive pot-luck, with state politicians in tow to the university where according to Anjeanette Damon, a reporter for the Reno newspaper, Biden spent most of his speech shilling for the re-election of Sen. Reid in 2010.

“Here’s the deal,” Biden said. “You need people who are literally as tough as the times. Harry’s the son of a hard rock miner. The father produced a hard rock guy. He is a hard man. Harry knows what is worth fighting over and what’s worth losing over.”

Biden then said Reid is responsible for funding in the stimulus package for renewable energy, money Nevada can capitalize on. “It’s the building block upon which we are going to build a new economy,” Biden said. “A new economy that is not built on a bubble. I know you expect me to say it, but it happens to be true. The fact of the matter is that the bulk of that part of the act would not be in it if it were not for Harry.”

Biden concluded, “We also know there’s a lot more to do and Harry ain’t letting us forget it.”

Well, Jeez-Louise, Joe. I can see exactly why you said this wasn’t a “political event.” The word “event” doesn’t begin to capture the shamelessness of it.

This was first and foremost a fundraising trip for Sen. Reid, covered by taxpayers everywhere. If a real life citizen actually tried to hear the vice president on this trip, he would either have had to pay $2,400 to help re-elect Sen. Reid, or possess one of the 500 special invite tickets needed to get into the Lawlor Event Center. And how might he have snagged a ticket? He pretty much would have had to get one from Sen. Reid’s office. Convenient, eh?

So, heck no, this wasn’t just a political “event.” It was a carefully staged political “extravaganza.” A re-elect Harry Reid “infomercial,” no doubt filmed top to bottom from 14 different angles for future campaign use.

Yet, Biden couldn’t bring himself to come clean about why he was there. Instead, he had to say what he said.

I’m sorry. I don’t care who you are, or what political party you like. That’s a big fat lie all day long.

Mr. Biden either thinks we’re stupid, or he’s jumped the shark like most in the Obama White House who now draw up enemy lists, punish dissent and shun noncompliant media outlets such as Fox News.

“The Lie” in Reno rolled off Mr. Biden’s tongue so easily, he’s either become oblivious to the truth or, as I fear is the norm for an Obama man, he now believes he’s above the truth.

Sherman Frederick (sfrederick@reviewjournal.com) is publisher of the Las Vegas Review-Journal and president of Stephens Media.

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