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Let’s drill for oil in safer areas

To the editor:

There’s plenty of blame to go around for the oil leak in the Gulf, but there’s one culprit I have yet to hear mentioned — the environmental groups and their lobbyists

By forcing drilling off land and in coastal waters, they have turned what would have been a very messy but quickly contained problem into an environmental disaster. I doubt anyone could argue that a leak close to the coast would have caused more devastation.

Had this happened in Alaska, there would have been a very large puddle of oil, but it would have been handled within a week or so. In Coastal waters, divers would have been able to get to the wellhead to solve the problem quickly.

By forcing the oil companies to drill in 5,000 feet of water, you might as well make them drill on the moon.

And why did government approve this with apparently no contingency plan? Did no one see this as a possibility? And do you not plan for the worst case scenario? Is this not the worst case scenario? Trying to plug the pipe with mud sounds an awful lot like trying to cram mud down a running hose — and anybody with a shred of common sense will tell you that can’t be done.

With petroleum products and by-products so pervasive in society, there’s no chance we can do without oil for the foreseeable future. It’s time we put drilling back in a controllable environment where it can be quickly dealt with in a situation like this.



Lake trash

To the editor:

I am writing an appeal addressed to all of those who use Lake Mead and continue to trash it. Why in the world can’t you take your trash with you?

My wife and I kayak all over the lake and wherever we go we find (and clean up) every sort of garbage and trash imaginable. We find glass bottles, plastics, cans, baby diapers, beer cases, punctured life rafts and, yes, even syringes littering the shoreline.

We and all the other volunteers who repeatedly clean up the miles and miles of Lake Mead shoreline are asking and pleading with you to stop destroying the great natural and recreational resource we have here. If you can’t show responsibility and respect and take your own garbage with you, then maybe you should just stop utilizing Lake Mead

Dave DesMarais


Israeli blockade

To the editor:

Thank you for your strong editorial regarding Israel’s action against the blockade-running Gaza fleet (Friday Review-Journal). I’d like to highlight a couple more points that show what the real intentions of the organizers were.

The Israeli Defense Forces found bullets and gunsights on the ship in a quantity that made it obvious they were to be used aboard the ship, not as munitions to be smuggled into Gaza. The Israeli navy believes that once it became clear that they could not be prevented from taking over the ship, the plan was to throw all guns overboard.

Also, a tape was released on Friday that supposedly documents Israel’s initial contact with the Turkish ship. In English, the Israeli radio operator says, “You are approaching an area under a naval blockade.” The reply from the ship, also in English, is, “Shut up. Go back to Auschwitz. We are helping Arabs go against the U.S. Don’t forget 9/11, guys.”

And in addition to the organizers’ refusal to allow their cargo to be examined and transshipped into Gaza, we now find out that the father of Gilad Shalit, the Israeli soldier held prisoner in Gaza for the past three years, pleaded with the organizers to take a message and a package to his son. He was turned down.

Could it be any clearer that this was anything but a humanitarian mission?

Stewart Blumenfeld

Las Vegas

No whining

To the editor:

I have compassion for anyone who is trying to make a life for themselves and their family, but I am getting sick and tired of all the whining from the public employees. They are like so many spoiled children.

Where else can you get a job with all the holidays and other benefits but must almost kill someone to be terminated? Pencil-whip a safety inspection and you won’t be out on the street. Join the union and equality goes out the window. Why, if North Las Vegas firefighters must be laid off due to the budget, should non-union men, regardless of their worth, be the ones to be sent to the unemployment lines? Who’s running this show?

Now, we shouldn’t forget who spoiled them. It was our local politicians who spread the largess to buy their votes and prolong their altruistic careers. Did I mention that we were the ones who funded their generosity and may go bankrupt in the future to pay off the retirement promises that were made by them?

When are we going to get rid of these self-serving politicians?

Robert Spriesterbach

Las Vegas

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