LETTERS: Berkley should blame Obama, Dems

To the editor:

It was almost unbelievable to read former Nevada Rep. Shelley Berkley’s commentary regarding the U.S. funding of terrorists (“Time for U.S. to stop funding terrorists,” Sunday Review-Journal). While her remarks were disappointing, they were not surprising. Ms. Berkley cited the Obama administration once, but the president was never mentioned by name. That was in itself outrageous.

The policies in the Middle East particularly, and specifically with regard to Israel and Palestine, have been determined by President Barack Obama. He has demonstrated over and over his anti-Israel bias and his Muslim leanings. John Kerry is neither qualified nor able to function effectively as Secretary of State. He is merely a lackey and errand boy for the president.

If Ms. Berkley were truly honest and sincere in her commentary, she would jump all over her liberal Democratic former colleagues now in our nation’s capital and demand that Washington change course without delay.

We regularly hear stories that the president is detached, not experienced enough and not capable of responsibly carrying out his duties. This is an absolute falsehood. The president knows exactly what he’s doing, and with the help of supporters such as Ms. Berkley, he will continue.

All of the feigned outrage is a sham. We have a dictator in the White House, elected by the people and supported by naive elected officials who care more for their jobs than our country. With regard to Israel, these politicians got by while Ms. Berkley was in Washington, and will certainly get by now that she’s not.



Plaudits for Berkley

To the editor:

Kudos to former Nevada Rep. Shelley Berkley for one of the most common-sense commentaries ever written for the Review-Journal (“Time for the U.S. to stop funding terrorists,” June 15). She thoroughly explained the situation that Israel faces with the new Palestinian/Hamas joint government. I can only hope that she still has the ability to reach out to her friends in the House of Representatives and ask for their help.

Through the years, many people have complained when the U.S. funded and protected what were seen as true enemies of our beliefs. Now this nation has hit a new low. Funding, and yes, sponsoring, terrorism through our foreign policy must be stopped immediately — if not by President Barack Obama, then by Congress, which has to cut off all funds to all terrorist nations and organizations.

The new government in Palestine has proved that it cannot be trusted, after three teenage students, one an American, were recently kidnapped near Gush Etzion, Israel. This is a well-known tactic of Hamas. What is next? Will there be more bombings, kidnappings and murders? These are all part of the Palestinian/Hamas playbook.

The U.S. needs to wake up and start protecting our interests and our allies, instead of sending billions of our taxpayer dollars to terror organizations. I want to know that every American who travels the world will be safe and that our national friends and allies will be safe as well. The U.S. has to take the high moral ground in the world and stop helping our enemies. This is truly the time to show that we are still a powerful nation.



Don’t blame the NRA

To the editor:

Nobody who works for the National Rifle Association was at either shooting site in the June 8 rampage at CiCi’s Pizza and Wal-Mart. And although the NRA has stated that good guys with guns stop bad guys with guns, the problem in this instance was that there was only one good guy — Joseph Wilcox — with a gun at Wal-Mart, while there were two bad guys with guns.

Mr. Wilcox is a hero. He probably stopped further bloodshed of innocent people by stepping up and doing the best he could to stop these monsters. Unfortunately, he was killed by these cowards. I only wish there were more good guys with guns in either CiCi’s or Wal-Mart.

As far as gun violence is concerned, Chicago has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the country, and it’s the murder capital. Right now, we don’t know why people are doing such evil things in this country. But I do hope that whenever I go shopping, there is a Joseph Wilcox shopping right next to me.



Coverage of killers

To the editor:

I am very disappointed with the Review-Journal’s decision to share Sunday’s front-page coverage of Alyn Beck’s funeral (“Beck remembered as father, mentor”) with a story about his psychopathic killers (“Millers fit in only with each other”). It was in very poor taste. I plead to the Review-Journal to stop posting pictures of the killers; they do not deserve the coverage. Nothing in Sunday’s article was new, and therefore it was not newsworthy.

This front page would probably have been something that a grieving wife and mother would tuck away as a memorial for her children to see in the future. With the killers given as much attention as the fallen hero, the Review-Journal ruined this memento.



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