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LETTERS: Bundy creates intimidating atmosphere

To the editor:

Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval is quoted as accusing the Bureau of Land Management of violating Nevadans’ constitutional right to protest the roundup of Cliven Bundy’s cattle by creating an “atmosphere of intimidation.” Gov. Sandoval seems to excuse Mr. Bundy for repeatedly creating an atmosphere of intimidation of his own by frequently being quoted as willing to do whatever it takes to defend what he sees as his rights. I have never seen a quote where he has directly threatened to use guns, but the threat seems to be pretty thinly veiled.

Also, it is disappointing that Gov. Sandoval, as a former judge, does not recognize the fact that Mr. Bundy has lost every judicial case and is in direct violation of those judgments. I do feel that the BLM has overreacted, but I also support the agency in defending our public lands, which I enjoy having access to as a citizen of this country. I respect the governor, but he does not speak for me in this instance.



Bundy milks public

To the editor:

Enough already with the coverage of the thief of 20 years who grazed his cattle on our public lands, stealing public resources. Stop trying to paint Cliven Bundy as some hero with your fanciful stories, like he is being oppressed by the big bad government.

Where does Mr. Bundy get his entitlement attitude, thinking that he can milk public lands for free and then claim to be a victim?



Media and Mozilla CEO

To the editor:

I have waited to let the dust settle before I commented on this. Brendan Eich, the former president and CEO of Mozilla and the brilliant creator of JavaScript (a language used in computer work), was forced to resign from his positions because, in 2008, he donated $1,000 to the proponents of Proposition 8 in California. The ballot measure would have repealed gay marriage in that state, and while it did pass, it was later overturned in court.

Someone digging up dirt on Mr. Eich found out about his donation and plastered it all over the news. There were calls for his resignation, and he complied. I am dismayed by Mr. Eich’s decision and angered at the press.

What if Mr. Eich had given money to a proposition to provide abortion on demand, and Mozilla’s Board of Directors had asked him to resign? There would be outrage among the left, and every media outlet in the country would lead with the story. And I would agree with that outrage, too.

Mr. Eich, like me, is a computer scientist. He is not a public figure, a la Ellen DeGeneres or Paula Deen. Mozilla is not a public company; it is privately held. He has a right to an expectation of privacy in his life and should be able to do in his private life what he wishes, as long as it’s legal. I may agree or disagree with his position or actions, but he should have that expectation and the right of free speech to send money to any political organization he chooses.

I have to tolerate many companies that provide money to left-wing causes and candidates, like Facebook, for example, because that is Mark Zuckerberg’s bent. I would not doubt that Mr. Zuckerberg has given to and supported causes I find abhorrent, but I don’t see the left-wing media going after any of the people supporting these causes.

The media in this country is going to get a wake-up call. They cannot continue this censorship for much longer, reporting news only on conservatives in a gotcha style.



Heck no

To the editor:

There is a TV commercial airing for Rep. Joe Heck wherein a voiceover thanks him for not falling for the Obamacare scam. The voice continues, affirming that Heck voted for the repeal of the Affordable Care Act. Later in the commercial, Rep. Heck states, “Let’s give the American people a health care plan they deserve.”

The GOP-led House voted 50 times to repeal the ACA. Has anyone in the party, including Rep. Heck, come up with an alternative plan? The answer is a resounding Heck no.



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