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LETTERS: Comment boards became cesspool

To the editor:

I wish to be among the first to applaud the suspension of the Review-Journal’s online comment boards. Although I’ve been among the commenters in that forum, I’ve always kept it civil and tried to express thoughts relevant to the news topics. However, I completely stopped commenting when people started insulting my then 8-year-old son, as he became the youngest licensed amateur radio operator in Nevada (“8-year-old passes FCC’s amateur radio license exam,” May 1, 2014, Review-Journal).

How do you explain to an 8-year-old who has achieved a major goal that adults have such hate and bile in their souls that they must insult, berate and belittle a third-grader, for no apparent reason? Why are commenters allowed to spew hate and insults, and politicize his personal achievement with complete anonymity? I say thank you for shutting down the comments section. It was nothing but a soap box for those who live in the cesspool of the Internet. Good riddance to some very bad rubbish.



Stopping Sandoval

To the editor:

Gov. Brian Sandoval is shirking his responsibility to reform a public school system that is staggering under a top-heavy layer of overpaid, nonteaching bureaucrats. He is instead proposing huge new tax hikes to fund his vanity education programs, none of which will improve learning.

Worse, Gov. Sandoval and his political cronies have been working with Republicans-in-name-only to interfere with the Nevada Assembly leadership selection process. Maybe you thought the governor’s job-killing tax-and-spend initiatives would come under cross-examination in the crucible of the new Republican-controlled Legislature. Sorry, the fix is in. After the vote-buying and arm-twisting, it’s doubtful there are enough “nays” to stop him.

There are plans afoot to recall Republican lawmakers who betray their voters and their party’s core principles to vote with Democrats to hike taxes. Your only hope to avoid getting fleeced is to tell Republican legislators that you’ll hold them to their party’s principles and no-new-taxes campaign promises.



Graney and cowardice

To the editor:

It’s funny how Ed Graney takes on cowardice in his commentary (“Cowardice thrives online,” Friday Review-Journal). If anyone knows about spewing unchecked, destructive, demeaning, degrading comments from the bully pulpit of a keyboard, it is Mr. Graney. His hatred for UNLV and its programs seeps from his every keystroke.

Make no mistake, this man has an agenda, and it is to undermine and destroy UNLV basketball at every chance. Please remind me why we who live in Las Vegas should pay to read his propaganda? I am all for his freedom of speech, so flame on, Mr. Graney. But this is Las Vegas. Our community deserves at the very least a second commentary from someone without his bias against our hometown teams and coaches.

It is time for the Review-Journal to step up and represent more than just the opinions of a transplant from San Diego who hates all things UNLV. You have to love the irony of Mr. Graney taking on cowardice of the keyboard. Maybe next, he will tackle hypocrisy.



Electric rate shock

To the editor:

No, the shock I recently got was not from touching a live wire, but from seeing my new NV Energy bill, which was accompanied by a leaflet showing the new rates. My monthly payment just went up 14.6 percent. Fellow consumers, don’t be surprised at your new bill.



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