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LETTERS: Constitution protects gay marriage

To the editor:

Regarding the letter from James Moldenhauer, in which he asked what new rights will be found in the Constitution (“Supreme Court gay marriage stance takes more power from states,” Saturday Review-Journal): Historically, it took about 100 years before the slaves were freed and more time before they were given the right to vote, after many obstacles such as poll taxes and physical threats. Then it was longer still before they were accorded some basic rights others had.

Women had to wait even longer for the right to vote. Even now, they are fighting for equality in the workplace. These practices that kept them from their rights were often veiled in discrimination and bigotry.

Now the fight is on with same-sex marriage. Religious ideology says one thing, but our Constitution is clear that all people have equal rights, regardless of others’ ideology. I don’t understand homosexuality, but I realize it is out there. As Americans, they have the same rights as I do.



Advancing police state

To the editor:

President Barack Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder and a sycophantic media have from Day One opportunistically injected themselves into every interaction in Ferguson, Mo., between local law enforcement and a minority citizen who fit the agenda the federal government is advancing. I must say I found the behavior of always blaming the police and taking the side of criminals a bit curious, but finally the pattern has emerged, and it has become crystal clear.

This president and the progressive left are exploiting local law enforcement to advance and eventually sell the idea of federalizing all police. It will be sold as a way to ensure everyone is treated fairly. This president has played the race card so frequently that the left has had to change out the decks, and it has nothing to do with making race relations better or helping any minority. Rather, it is to advance the progressive agenda of federalizing law enforcement.

When 13 percent of the population is responsible for 70 percent of the crime in America, it is to be expected that there will be interactions between the police and that population that don’t reflect positively on the police. But from the positions taken by this president, his administration and the message presented by the media, they would have us believe that police across America are all racist. That is simply not true, and the statistics prove it — for anyone really looking for the truth. Police are simply being used as fodder to advance an agenda.



Life is Beautiful crowds

To the editor:

I find myself in agreement with Las Vegas City Councilman Bob Coffin, which is very atypical, to say the least (“Churches don’t think life is that beautiful,” Sunday John L. Smith column). Mr. Coffin shows wisdom when saying that the small churches affected by the inconvenience of the crowds and noise from the Life Is Beautiful festival should take the opportunity to evangelize. I couldn’t agree more with that suggestion.

The purpose and goal of Christianity is to spread and share the gospel, the good news, with the world. The world is coming to these churches’ neighborhood, yet the churches have a blind spot. They could use the opportunity to share what is truly beautiful — a means to the most beautiful life. Instead, they are only concerned about their inconvenience and disruptions to their schedules.

It seems to me that the respective churches’ leadership should get together and petition the event organizers to provide a space or a venue to offer what they have to the revelers. It might be just what they are looking for. They have a degree of leverage this year. I say don’t miss this chance; exploit it all you can. Take Mr. Coffin’s good advice. I would personally love to have the opportunity to be part of that outreach.



Downtown Summerlin

To the editor:

I loved visiting Downtown Summerlin. Its layout is terrific. It reminds me of many of the great outdoor malls in California, but this one is better. There are so many wonderful stores, and the beautiful movie theater with reclining seats provided a great way to relax after a day of shopping. There are also so many restaurants to choose from.

Just one mistake: It should have been named Uptown Summerlin. It would make me think about it being upscale, and I do not like the competition of the name with our Las Vegas downtown.



Ebola blame

To the editor:

After watching the news concerning Ebola cases in the United States, one thought came to my mind: How long will it be before President Barack Obama blames George W. Bush for the problem?



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