LETTERS: Construction defect law full of flaws

To the editor:

What’s in a name? Lies and deceit, according to a bill recently signed into law by Gov. Brian Sandoval (“Sandoval hails, signs measure altering construction defect law,” Feb. 25 Review-Journal.)

The Homeowner Protections Act of 2015 does just the opposite of what its name suggests. Through its components, it relieves contractors of substantial liability. Reducing the amount of time that a contractor can be held responsible for defects, restricting how defects can be described and presented, and discouraging the legal reporting of shoddy construction by making its pursuit more costly to the homeowner does nothing but protect the contractor of substandard products, while hindering the buying public from receiving quality products.

The main rallying cry for passage of this bill was that the current laws diminished construction activity. Was construction activity diminished during the first part of this century, when the former rules were in place? This is just another example of Republicans protecting the large corporations and burdening regular working families with the consequences. Congratulations, 2014 voters. This is what you voted for.



Charter school battle

To the editor:

I respect the Review-Journal’s editorial on locating a charter school with 1,500 students at the intersection of Green Valley and Horizon Ridge parkways, next to Sun City MacDonald Ranch (“No good reason to oppose school,” Feb. 27 Review-Journal. However, I resent the facetious remark, “Based on residents’ reactions, you would think Coral Academy proposed putting a charter school between the 10th and 11th holes of the community’s executive golf course.”

We voting citizens have serious and legitimate questions about the location of this charter school that have not been answered by either Coral Academy or Henderson city officials.



Nuclear Iran

To the editor:

After another barrage of empty promises that Iran would never have a nuclear weapon, we have now been told by the Obama administration that it is working to reduce the possibility of Iran building a nuclear weapon. That’s right, they are now conceding that it is very possible Iran will be a nuclear power in the near future.

What are we to make of these people in the White House who believe in faculty lounge discussions and rose-colored solutions while Islamic fanatics kill, maim and continue their accumulation of territory? These killers are creeping ever closer, and our response is to hold academic seminars and send people meals ready to eat.

Here’s a clue for all you isolationists who believe we are not in danger: This isn’t the 1900s, where the oceans will protect us. This is 2015, where technology allows people to lob warheads all over the globe. And to idly sit while Islamic fanatics, who demand conversion or subject you to death, creep closer is so incredibly irresponsible as to be almost treasonous.

The false argument of the left is, “So you want to go to war in the Middle East?” But their alternative is to do nothing beyond hoping that words — or giving them jobs — will convince these terrorists to stop burning people alive and stop beheading non-Muslims, to end the scourge taking place in the region.

I would rather fight for my freedom than end up with a sword at my throat.



Protecting Nevada lands

To the editor:

Thank you for the article about the public lands meeting hosted by Sen. Harry Reid and Rep. Dina Titus (“Lands bill could hamper Yucca Mountain Project,” Feb. 20 Review-Journal). I attended the meeting, and the room was packed with Southern Nevada residents who expressed overwhelming support for public lands protection.

It was heartening to see people of all ages and backgrounds attest their love and appreciation for Gold Butte, Tule Springs and the Great Basin. Given the turnout at the meeting, the numerous testimonials made by people in support of public lands and the noticeable lack of opposition, I believe that this is not an issue that has two sides. It seems to me that all Nevadans love their public lands, and there is overwhelming support for protecting these treasured places.



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