LETTERS: Difficult decision worthy of thanks

To the editor:

I was pleased and encouraged to read the Review-Journal’s featured article on Thanksgiving of a heroic mother, Nina Santos, and the courageous health professionals at the Comprehensive Cancer Centers of Nevada who opted to preserve the life of her daughter Olivia, despite Nina’s diagnosis of cancer (“Beyond fear,” Nov. 27 Review-Journal). It showed an exceptional amount of courage on the part of the health institution, doctors and medical staff to provide a life alternative for the mother’s baby, instead of the convenient option to end life.

It was a true celebration of Thanksgiving for me, honoring life and the dignity of the family. Thank you for recognizing that there are other options — although challenging and difficult — that treasure, support and sustain human life and dignity in our community. May Mrs. Santos and her family receive special blessings during this holy season of peace and joy.



The writer is bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Las Vegas.

State GOP shows stripes

To the editor:

When the Dec. 1 Review-Journal arrived, I could see that the GOP was in charge in Nevada. The front-page story (“Abortion law might get tested”) was followed by a Political Notebook on Page 2B with the laundry list of undemocratic, anti-citizen, Koch brothers wishes for voter ID, more tax-scam school vouchers, anti-union legislation and the rest of government at its most intrusive.

Now Nevada can become a Wisconsin, a Florida, a Kansas and fall apart while a few profit off tax dollars that produce nothing for the paying citizen.



Anti-democratic mentality

To the editor:

How does one become so all-knowing? In her letter to the editor, Cherie S. Wood professes to have full data regarding the handling of the case of American soldier Andrew Tahmooressi (“Democratic mentality,” Dec. 2 Review-Journal). She also accuses a large population of bullying and demeaning others, and proceeds to berate those who disagree with her tirade.

Her memory is limited to acts that have taken place during the current administration. What happened to weapons of mass destruction claims, Iran Contra, Watergate, “Mission accomplished” and a few more extreme acts of the past? I believe that Benghazi has been resolved and beaten to death.

As one of those she calls bullies, I ask, what does she think of the do-nothing Congress? Do only conservatives want justice, rule of law and freedom?

We still have the freedom to disagree with others. We should show equal respect for other opinions and cut the name-calling. The “stupid voters” remark came from Jonathan Gruber, not the president. We are entitled to our opinions, not our own facts. If Ms. Wood will do some research, she will find many of her protected presidents have used executive actions many more times than President Barack Obama. A broad-brush mentality should be applied equally or not at all.



“Do-It-Yourself Messiah”

To the editor:

Thank you so much for the wonderful story about our “Do-It-Yourself Messiah” concert (“Church concert is DIY affair,” Nov. 22 Review-Journal). The Green Valley Presbyterian Church community was elated with the story, which has already done wonders to attract people to the event from all over the valley.

Our struggling beneficiary, the Henderson Presbyterian Church Food Bank, is especially grateful for the added support the Review-Journal story will bring. I cannot adequately express our appreciation — just please know that the Review-Journal and its staff are directly responsible for putting food on the table for hungry people who have nowhere else to go.

Please pass our gratitude on to writer Lisa Ferguson and photographer Erik Verduzco. Terrific job!



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