LETTERS: Driver cards part of grand scheme

To the editor:

After reading the Review-Journal’s story on giving illegal immigrants the right to drive in Nevada, I just wanted to congratulate Sen. Harry Reid and his Democratic Party (“Brace for long lines at DMV, Thursday Review-Journal). They’ve brought Nevada and ultimately the nation one step closer to the liberals’ ultimate grand scheme of enabling the 11 million illegal immigrants in this nation to vote Democrat, thereby ensuring a socialistic fiefdom.

Soon all the pieces of the puzzle will be in place. The Democrats already have refused to close our border. Now illegal immigrants are allowed to drive. Sen. Reid wants an interstate from Mexico. Americans are forced to “push one” for English. Gov. Brian Sandoval taxes us to help immigrants learn English. Immigrants have taken away our children’s summer jobs while at the same time trying to double the pay for those jobs. Amnesty and the Dream Act will complete the overall movement.

Once the puzzle is complete, the Democrats will be able to tell their Hispanic minions that “the government” will take care of them on every level, all free, but for the price of a vote.

Of course, the entire expense and burden of this grand takeover will be on the backs of the American taxpayer. American senior citizens will have to eat cat food so they can buy their own medicine, while immigrants will get theirs for free. Obamacare will cost citizens thousands of dollars, with skyrocketing deductibles to finance free insurance for immigrants. Other taxes will go to finance a plethora of free aid — food, clothing, health care, driving, education, housing, you name it.

Ironically, politicians exempt themselves from participating in this grand utopia that they claim they are building. All their expenses are paid for by the taxpayer. Sen. Reid, Rep. Dina Titus, and yes, even Sen. Dean Heller take an $11,000 subsidy written into the Affordable Care Act for their benefit. Yes, I fear that this driving law is one step closer to socialism. I hope I am wrong.



Entrenched dependency

To the editor:

The letters by Dan Olivier (Dec. 28 Review-Journal) and William V. Lofton (Friday Review-Journal), both addressing the war on poverty, clearly underscore the left’s inability to understand the real world in which we live. Nobody of clear mind would consider the efforts of the past 50 years to fight poverty a success — except the revisionist liberal left. Poverty has not been erased or decreased, it has become stronger. Dependency has not been reduced; it has been entrenched in our society.

Why do these policies fail? Because they contain one fatal flaw — they are devised by people who believe the irresponsible will suddenly become responsible. They believe that people who break the law will suddenly be turned into law-abiding souls. They believe that people can be reconditioned to drop self-interest and place others’ interests ahead of theirs. Essentially, they believe that through legislation, they can change motivation — and they are dead wrong.

Obamacare is the ultimate example. In passing the Affordable Care Act, the liberal left believed that every young person would flock to the website to buy overpriced and undervalued insurance to help the aged. Mr. Lofton wrote, “The strong have to bear the infirmities of the weak.” Here’s news for Mr. Lofton: It ain’t gonna happen. Idealism says it will; reality says it won’t.

This fatal flaw of believing the power of legislation is greater than individual will is leading this country to financial Armageddon. Utopia does not exist, and neither will the United States of America as we know it unless we repeal Obamacare.



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