LETTERS: Federal government fails to understand free market’s power

To the editor:

President Barack Obama and Treasury Secretary Jack Lew are calling on American businesses to be “patriotic” and retain their corporate offices in the United States, instead of moving them abroad to realize significant income tax savings. This is another pitiful example of the ignorance of the president’s policy wonks, who totally miss the essence of the free market and the power of natural market forces.

It is the federal government which must tune in to the instincts of private business minds, who decide where they will take their enterprises in pursuit of long-term wealth and investor returns. What is patently obvious is the out-of-touch instincts of the president’s policymakers, who appeal to phantom market tendencies. Yet everyone wonders what is wrong with President Obama’s policies.

The simple answer is that the incredible bread machine of capitalism has no electrical outlets to plug into here at home. The president should cut this country’s record-high corporate tax rates, which are a barrier to repatriating profits retained offshore.



Sebelius’ suggestions

To the editor:

Thanks to the Review-Journal’s Steve Sebelius for his suggestions to the state Legislature (“How about these laws?” July 13 Review-Journal). I am not a fan of more laws, but these were constructive ideas and might keep the Legislature out of other mischievous lawmaking.

Mr. Sebelius’ best idea was the Binding Arbitration Reform Act. The public has lost out on a long string of arbitrations in the past. Government entities that have to negotiate with public employee unions are at a disadvantage under current law. It forces the arbitrators to consider government’s ability to pay for a proposed contract deal. This consideration plays a strong part in the decision as to whether labor or management offers are reasonable.

Another good idea was the Campaign Integrity and Transparency Act. Folks running for office have many times misused their campaign contributions. Some treat the campaign fund as their private cookie jar. The secretary of state should be empowered to audit campaign finances and spending. We really need a mechanism of monthly reporting of campaign donations, and the candidates need to keep good records of expenses from their funds. This kind of reform is anathema to most politicians. I would sure like to see some with the courage to put through these reforms.

And the Keep Traffic Flowing Act was another good suggestion. As Mr. Sebelius points out, scooters can slow traffic, causing drivers to make possibly dangerous passes. I know because I used to own scooters. Scooters that cannot run near the posted speeds should either stay off those roads or run in the bicycle lanes. And there should be a law requiring road hogs on the freeway to move to a right lane when approached from behind. Why not?

Finally, another fair idea: the Make “None of These Candidates” Count Act. If “None of These Candidates” draws the most votes in an election, then that office must be declared vacant and filled by legal appointment or election. If a candidate loses to “None of These Candidates,” that candidate should not be allowed to run in a special election for that office and should certainly not be appointed to it.



Reid’s unreal reality

To the editor:

Hey, everyone, good ol’ Harry Reid announced after a Senate lunch the other day that the southern border is secure. Imagine that.

He also announced that there is a Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy does exist, and the Sandman really does bring all those nice, funny dreams to you when you are asleep.

C’mon, Sen. Reid. We have a porous border. Don’t you watch the news anymore? And you’re supposed to be a learned politician.



Western High mascot

To the editor:

I recently drove by Western High School and saw “Western Warriors” painted on the outside of the building. But — gasp, horror of horrors — next to the name was a painting of the school’s logo, a Native American, which except for different colors looked almost exactly like the logo of the Washington Redskins NFL team.

It’s time for Sen. Harry Reid to rise up and decry the terrible, defaming racial bigotry of Western High School. Demand a name change. Remove the image.

But on second thought, I find I can respect and honor the names “warriors” and “redskins” more than names such as “Harry Reid” and “Barack Obama.” Hail to the Redskins, hail to the Western Warriors, and go Harry Reid. I don’t care where you go, just go.



Israel’s Iron Dome

To the editor:

Reading about the missile attack on a Malaysia Airlines jet over Ukraine, which killed about 300 people, made me wonder why more wasn’t printed about Ehud Barak’s Iron Dome project, by which thousands of lives in Israel were saved. The system intercepts Hamas missiles before those missiles reach the ground.

It might be time to determine if a similar project could eventually protect all commercial jets so they can tell when a missile has locked and have a system in place to destroy the missile before it hits the plane.



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