LETTERS: Firefighters’ union rebuts AMR study; AMR pushes collaboration

To the editor:

Las Vegas firefighters care deeply for the communities we work in. We raise our families here, donate time to assist those less fortunate, vote and pay taxes. We take pride in the fact that we advocate and provide a continuity of care for each citizen, regardless of race, creed or indifference. We provide equal, full-service emergency treatment to our patients from the moment we reach their front door to the time we transport them to the hospital.

For American Medical Response to suggest anything less is irresponsible and misleading, and we take great offense to their false accusations (“Report: LV fire biased,” Tuesday Review-Journal). To provide purposely skewed and inaccurate information is not only unethical, it is a direct attempt to mislead the public, those we work so diligently to protect and serve.

One of the most vital responsibilities of our local government is to provide efficient services to ensure public safety. The stakeholders of any government entity are the citizens. For the city of Las Vegas, this also includes the millions of tourists who visit this destination each year. Our primary job as Las Vegas firefighters is to protect our residents, save lives and preserve property in our community.

As a private, for-profit emergency medical services company, AMR is beholden to its stakeholders on Wall Street. In an effort to divert attention from this fact, AMR has issued countless flawed and misrepresenting statements regarding the Las Vegas Fire Department and our emergency transport services.

We support Las Vegas Fire Chief William McDonald and proudly stand behind him as he strives to uphold the validity of our department’s high patient satisfaction and successful transport track record. Our services have always and will continue to reflect leadership’s vision of continuously improving the quality of life for the residents of the city of Las Vegas.



The writer is president of Las Vegas Firefighters Local 1285.

Firefighters’ efforts not issue

To the editor

American Medical Response has consistently stated its support and appreciation for the men and women of Las Vegas Fire &Rescue, who provide high-quality emergency care to each and every one of their patients. As fellow emergency medical service professionals, we know better than anyone that they always put patient safety first. We also know that working collaboratively in the field is the best system for the safety of Las Vegas residents, and we are proud of that partnership.

Recently, AMR has been involved in a very public disagreement with Las Vegas Fire Chief Willie McDonald over his changes to our nationally recognized emergency medical services system. Our sole concern has been the unilateral decisions and frequent changes made by Chief McDonald. Not only have his actions created confusion, they have overtaxed the system and his own people. Members of the business community, medical community and even national EMS leaders have questioned his approaches.

We continue to call on city leadership to implement the integrated dispatch center and once again send the closest ambulance to emergency calls, whether it be AMR or Las Vegas Fire &Rescue. Anything less would be a disservice to the citizens of Las Vegas



The writer is general manager of American Medical Response.

Expecting honesty

To the editor:

Yet again, we have another example of the Obama administration promoting lies to the American people. Former Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has penned a book which outlines the attempts of White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer to force Mr. Geithner to lie on the Sunday morning news shows.

Are we surprised? Frankly, I would be surprised if Mr. Pfeiffer asked Mr. Geithner to tell the truth. We know the White House’s claims of not being involved in altering the talking points regarding Benghazi were a bucket of lies. The recently exposed internal email blew away that false claim. We also know that President Barack Obama showered lies on the American people when he was pushing Obamacare — so much so that these lies were deigned “Lie of the Year” by PolitiFact.

A simple question: Why would anyone believe anything these people say? From Susan Rice to Dan Pfeiffer to Press Secretary Jay Carney — the master of ceremonies at the liars’ ball — it is obvious that these people have no problem bending or dispensing with the truth if it furthers their goals. Their political strategy is simple: lie, distort and deceive to get your way.

When the lies are uncovered, they just feign outrage, saying they’ll to get to the bottom of it. Then they stonewall, evade and hope it goes away. If it doesn’t? Say the opponent is on a witch hunt and, despite witnesses invoking their Fifth Amendment rights, claim that there’s nothing there and demand we move on to the next item on the liberal agenda, and the next lie.

The bottom line is that we don’t deserve better than this. We voted for this twice and should be ashamed of ourselves as the medicine wagon rolls out of town. The funny thing about this whole mess is there will still be those mindless few who chase after the wagon, screaming for more.



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