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LETTERS: Free enterprise for Tesla and Dotty’s

To the editor:

What I find very disconcerting is all of the business folks who cry for free enterprise when they actually are opposed to it. Two cases in point: First, Tesla Motors. There are now several states that won’t allow the company to sell cars in their states, including Texas, New Jersey and Arizona. This is because the millionaires running major car franchises got legislation passed to keep Tesla out, due to its no-haggle online sales.

Clearly, the current dealers in those states want to limit competition to protect their millions, not encourage free enterprise. They will lose in the long run, because consumers like choice.

Second, although we wisely allow Tesla sales in this state, apparently the casino powers and their political friends are still trying to run Dotty’s out of business. Whether through legislation or regulation, the effect is the same.

I don’t gamble, but I went to one Dotty’s just to see what all the fuss was about. It was clean, not noisy, and folks were having a good time. Obviously there are folks who prefer the Dotty’s environment to that of the casinos. But it appears that the casinos don’t like free enterprise when they can’t compete.

We should encourage Nevada politicians and regulators to stand up for competition and free enterprise. Let the customers choose. Long live Dotty’s.



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