LETTERS: Fremont Street becoming freak show

To the editor:

Have you been to Fremont Street lately? If you haven’t, first of all, do not bring your kids.

We brought our daughter and granddaughter to see Container Park and other new attractions, and we were surprised to see that the place has turned into a freak show. We saw an adult man running around wearing only a diaper, obese topless women, Elvis Presley impersonators, women dressed in transparent clothing, etc. It is a disgraceful place to go, even as an adult.

What is happening to our city? Why do our officials allow this? We even heard a tourist saying, “Let’s get out of here, forget the light show.” Our freedom of expression has gotten off track.

My suggestion: Do not bring anybody downtown.



Reid and the Redskins

To the editor:

It’s very refreshing that Sen. Harry Reid has been able to donate time to a real issue vital to our nation’s well-being: strong-arming other senators and anyone else he can into supporting his crusade to change the name of a football team. Thank the Lord he can put areas of lesser importance aside — such as our dragging economy, high unemployment, Iran’s nuclear program, the crisis in Iraq, the murder of U.S. citizens and other Middle Eastern powder kegs — to focus on trying to force the Washington Redskins to relinquish one of its assets, its copyrighted logo and name.

Sen. Reid deems the logo and nickname offensive and derogatory. The Redskins team, in existence since 1937, has used the logo to portray strength and bravery, and the logo is as important as the Golden Arches are to McDonald’s or the encircled three-pointed star is to Mercedes-Benz. It is the property of the team and should not be tampered with for political gain.

If Sen. Reid feels this strongly about the team’s name, he should go to the snack section of his local market, where he is likely to find containers of Planters Redskin Peanuts. In the interest of fairness, I would expect him to pursue with equal vigor action against Planters, rather than look aside and appease the goober-gobbling exploiters.

Several decades ago, a baseball team representing our nation’s capital was named the Washington Senators. In more recent years, big league baseball was revived in D.C., but the nickname chosen was not a recycling of “Senators.” It makes one wonder if that was done for a similar reason, whereby the team would feel insulted being named after a group that thrives on incompetence.



In defense of the R-J

To the editor:

Jack Dempsey’s letter to the editor attacked the Review-Journal, calling it a “mediocre newspaper” with “right-wing rants” (“Right-wing R-J,” Sept. 11 Review-Journal). Though Mr. Dempsey is entitled to his opinions, which I posit are biased against the Review-Journal, that doesn’t give him the right to make false statements against the newspaper.

To wit: the Review-Journal is not a mediocre newspaper. Rather, it’s the top, largest, most prestigious newspaper in Nevada, and the winner of many awards, including from the Nevada Press Association. Reporting factual news is not ranting (such as President Obama’s lies about Obamacare). Nor is the Review-Journal a right-wing newspaper. The R-J is a conservative newspaper with aspects of libertarianism.

Respectfully, I say Mr. Dempsey is biased, meaning that unless you print news he approves of and praise politicians he likes, you’re all kinds of names. And like other biased people, Mr. Dempsey attacks anyone who dares to critique politicians he likes (such as Hillary Clinton).

The obvious proof of the Review-Journal’s objectivity and fairness is in printing Mr. Dempsey’s letter against it. Hopefully, Mr. Dempsey is objective and honest enough to admit the Review-Journal deserves credit for printing his letter.

America is great because we have free expression of different political views, including those of Mr. Dempsey. He boasts of reading newspapers for 50 years. Well, I’ve been a subscriber and daily reader of the Review-Journal for more than 12 years, and I say it is a top newspaper not only in Nevada, but in the country.



Legal immigration

To the editor:

I read Ron Lowe’s letter and was surprised at his lack of understanding regarding the conservative position on immigration (“GOP and immigration,” Sept. 12 Review-Journal). Conservatives are not anti-immigration, as Mr. Lowe thinks we are. On the contrary, we are pro-immigration — legal immigration. We are opposed to illegal immigration, as I believe any right-thinking liberal should be.

Legal immigration helped make this country one of the world’s best places to call home. When Mr. Lowe writes that Republicans are stalling on immigration to gain an advantage in the elections, I just shake my head. The liberals would like to see amnesty granted to all of the undocumented immigrants now in our country. This would give the Democrats a big boost at the polls.

And it takes nerve to call the Republicans obstructionists when more than 300 bills passed in the House of Representatives are sitting on Sen. Harry Reid’s desk and will not see daylight in the Senate. Who is the real pathetic hypocrite?



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