LETTERS: Hardy’s Yucca commentary refreshing

To the editor:

Regarding the op-ed by Rep. Cresent Hardy, how surprising and refreshing to read comments by a politician that are reasoned, thoughtful and not simply pandering to his base (“Could Nevadans ever allow nuclear dump?” March 22 Review-Journal). Very important, and not mentioned by naysayers in subsequent articles, is Rep. Hardy’s mandate that “safety standards are overwhelmingly met” at Yucca Mountain. What could be more plain than that?

Sen. Harry Reid is not going to be around forever. The government is looking and will find a place to store its nuclear waste. Does anyone think a senate majority or minority leader from another state will be as adamant about protecting Nevada? Kudos to Rep. Hardy. We should have the discussion.



Campus concealed carry

To the editor:

Regarding the article on the protest of Assembly Bill 148 (“UNLV protesters take aim at campus carry bill,” March 26 Review-Journal), incoming freshman Caitlyn Caruso opposes concealed campus carry, saying “our lives are on the line.” She sees no difference between trained citizens with absolutely clean records possessing firearms and an insane person looking to commit yet another mass campus shooting.

God forbid, if those opposed to AB148 were victims of such an incident at UNLV, would they still feel the same?

Concealed carry licensees, almost without exception, use their firearms to protect innocent life. They simply do not endanger people around them.

Ms. Caruso probably comes within a few feet of a concealed carry permit holder if she goes to a restaurant, mall or even walks down the street. Why would that person present a threat only on the campus?



Ex-judge sentencing

To the editor:

The Viewpoints section of March 15 featured a stinging column by Glenn Cook regarding ex-Family Court Judge Steven Jones and U.S. District Judge Jennifer Dorsey (“Jones deserved punchout, got kid gloves”). Bravo, Mr. Cook, for exposing this outrageous activity by Jones and his cohorts.

Shame on you, Judge Dorsey, for wishing Jones well on his terrible 26-month sentence, which will surely be reduced for “good behavior.” Then he will sail into the sunset with a fat pension, laughing all the way to the bank.

We should also be aware of ex-Clark County School District official Priscilla Rocha, who pleaded guilty to theft and unlawful use of public money, both felonies. It will be interesting to see what sentence she will get and if her pension will be waiting for her when her sentence is done.

I do not always agree with Mr. Cook on a variety of issues, but in this case, he really knocked it out of the park.



UNLV basketball

To the editor:

Now that the NCAA Tournament is over, the reality of how poorly the UNLV men’s basketball team has done under coach Dave Rice becomes apparent. The only reason he was kept was due to athletic director Tina Kunzer-Murphy extending his contract last year, with the same promise he gave and did not deliver on, and for the promise of great recruits coming in next year.

The reason Jerry Tarkanian had such an impact on UNLV basketball was not due to one team or a few great recruits. He had more than 20 years of amazing results in nonmajor conferences, with great defense and players who produced to their ability on offense.

Let’s pray to Jerry Tarkanian to intercede and get a good long-term coach for UNLV, not a coach who does not produce or keep the promises of better results next year.



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