LETTERS: Las Vegas does right through support of fallen Metro officers

To the editor:

It’s great to see the outpouring of support for our two fallen police officers, Alyn Beck and Igor Soldo. As a longtime resident, I’ve seen this city come together to support whatever a cause needed. Mr. Beck was said to have helped neighbors with carpentry work and also was a fisherman. I kept thinking of the teenage son who probably went fishing with his dad and did so many things a father and son do together, and of course to the family that has lost a husband and father.

The funeral proceedings for both officers were beautifully delivered. I can’t imagine how difficult it was for Sheriff Doug Gillespie to hand the American flag to the families and also get down on one knee to talk to them. Let’s pray we won’t have to see this scene again in Sheriff Gillespie’s final year — or for the next sheriff.

The Review-Journal’s salute to the fallen officers was also a beautiful tribute (“Beck remembered as father, mentor,” Sunday Review-Journal).



Plaudits to Gillespie

To the editor:

Las Vegas recently lost two of its finest police officers. I join other citizens in mourning this most tragic and senseless loss. Thousands of us watched the televised funeral services for the officers. I was unable to see the service for Igor Soldo, but I was able to view the service for Alyn Beck.

To Sheriff Doug Gillespie: Your composure, compassion and articulate message addressing the many mourners was heartfelt and moving. You have a hard job. Thank you for being such a fine role model for your officers and our citizens. I can only imagine the heaviness in your heart upon losing any of your men.



Voter turnout

To the editor:

Art Gisi’s letter (“‘America’s Got Talent,’ but lacks voters,” Monday Review-Journal) and the letters of many others lament the low voter turnout in Nevada’s primary election on June 10. I contend it is the fault of the candidates themselves.

Let’s just take one race as an example: lieutenant governor. Candidate Sue Lowden says don’t vote for Mark Hutchison, because he’s a personal injury lawyer — which he denies vigorously. What has that got to do with anything? Mr. Hutchison says don’t vote for Ms. Lowden, because she supported Harry Reid — which she says she did, but when Sen. Reid was less liberal. Less liberal is still liberal, and she purported to be a conservative.

These two candidates inundated us with these two ads, over and over. Nowhere in any of their ads did they tell us why we should vote for them. Rather, they told us only why we should not vote for the other bum. So I simply took both of them at their word and didn’t vote for either one of them.

Mr. Gisi writes that we should spend hours researching the candidates. Isn’t that what the TV ads are for? If you want to sell me a product, then you ought to be able to tell me why I should buy it. If you cannot bother to tell me why I should vote for you, then, quite frankly, you are a lousy salesman selling a lousy product. As long as negative ads are going to be the norm, then uncaring voters are going to be the response.

Mr. Gisi suggests looking up candidates on the Internet and learning more about them, because these are the people who set tax policy, among other things. So essentially, based on their ads at least, I am being asked to research one bum who is going to steal from my right pocket, or the other bum who is going to steal from my left pocket. That will be my opinion of all of them until they forcefully make their case that they will bring order to chaos.

Consistent negative ads plus the lack of positive ads equals voter apathy.



Laughlin needs UMC

To the editor:

Apathy and laziness exist in Clark County, from voters to the Clark County Commission to the University Medical Center Quick Care. Issues important to Las Vegans do not extend to the southern edge of Nevada. Clark County doesn’t end in Boulder City, although most people assume so.

Laughlin is the southernmost town in Nevada. When was the last time the commissioners or UMC governing board members visited the area? Have they ever? Except for taxes or votes, the town is invisible. Laughlin, Searchlight and Cal-Nev-Ari share the south. Laughlin is more than 50 years old and it has thousands of residents. Another industry besides gaming could have been established here — a major solar power facility — but the commissioners made it so difficult that the project was doomed to fail.

Now, UMC has closed Laughlin’s only medical facility. (“UMC lays off more than 100 employees, closes 4 care centers,” April 19 Review-Journal). Officials said Laughlin residents could use the facilities in the Las Vegas Valley. But 110 miles is an awful hike for someone who is ill. Laughlin cannot be without a health facility. Administrators are only interested in their own salaries, just like the VA administrators.

To the newly created governing board, you represent all Clark County citizens, including those on the edge of Nevada. Listen to what is being said: Laughlin desperately needs its UMC Quick Care facility. Override the closure of the facility.

The hotel-casinos here provide tax revenue for Clark County. The town deserves to be included in the county’s programs. The health of a community is in your hands.



Jane Ann and Sherm

To the editor:

Joining with multiple recent letter writers, may I add my voice: Please, bring back Jane Ann Morrison’s column. It seems many of us miss her. Also, I love Sherman Frederick’s commentaries, which I believe are one of the highlights in the Sunday edition.



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