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LETTERS: Marijuana highlights drug war flaws

To the editor:

It was encouraging to read the Review-Journal’s Monday editorial (“No drugs or guns? You’re busted anyway”), calling out one of America’s worst policy failures in history. Hopefully, the Review-Journal has a positive editorial when it’s Nevada’s turn to fully legalize the God-given plant cannabis (marijuana), since cannabis prohibition props up the discredited war on drugs.

Colorado legalized marijuana more than a year ago, and the sky isn’t falling in. A sane argument to cage responsible adults who choose to use cannabis doesn’t exist.



Reckless motorcyclists

To the editor:

The Review-Journal recently published an article about safety on our local streets and the responsibility we all have (“Turkey takes center stage in police safety operation,” Nov. 26 Review-Journal online). Thank you for bringing attention to this issue. I do not have statistics regarding the number of accidents, injuries or deaths or by what means these accidents occurred, but it is pretty hard for anyone who has access to a television or newspaper not to be aware of the frequency.

There have been a significant number of deaths related to motorcycles. I have always thought of a motorcycle as a Harley-Davidson or similar big bike. While I am sure these big bikes have also been involved in accidents, I want to mention that I seldom see people riding these bikes recklessly. I do, however, see the riders of the bikes known as “crotch rockets” traveling at excessive speeds, disregarding school zones, running lights and traveling in a way best described as death-defying.

On Nov. 26, I was southbound on U.S. Highway 95. There was plenty of traffic so I couldn’t possibly be the only person who witnessed the person on the black-with-blue-trim crotch rocket riding on the right side of the right lane of traffic — the area between the solid white line and the block wall. Folks, that is not a lane. It’s where you might find a Nevada Highway Patrol vehicle or a car with a flat tire.

The motorcycle operator was going like greased lightning and eventually cut across all three lanes of traffic to get in the far left lane, only to cut in front of all three lanes again to get to an offramp on the right. I happened to glance out the corner of my eye at the drivers on either side of me and we all had the same jaw-dropped expression on our faces.

It’s bad enough the guy was doing about 90 mph in a high-traffic area of the highway, but to be zigzagging back and forth in all of that traffic at a high rate of speed is nothing short of a recipe for disaster. I used this as an example because it was pretty much the worst incident that I saw that week, but it is not an isolated incident. I would bet the majority of motorcycle accidents on our local streets involve these crotch-rocket bikes being driven recklessly.

If you don’t care about your life, then go take your bike to some remote location where you can’t endanger anyone but yourself and ride it anyway you please. But when you share the road with the rest of us, the way you operate that bike is our business because our safety is at stake. I have no sympathy for those types of motorcycle operators who have died or were injured as a result of their own recklessness and disregard for others.

I only have sympathy for the innocent victims. There is no legitimate excuse to operate any vehicle this way.



Guinn Center bipartisan?

To the editor:

Jane Ann Morrison’s Nov. 16 column was quite interesting (“Guinn Center aims to be bipartisan”). So let’s see, a group of rich and powerful people is getting together to help solve Nevada’s problems by issuing white papers that are “data driven, not driven by a political agenda.” Really? No political agenda? If that’s the case, the white papers really will be white, because they’ll be blank.

All think tanks — left, right and everywhere in between — are data driven. The game is quite simple: Find the data you want to support, the conclusion you want, then use that data to publish a paper “proving” your position.

Here’s a prediction offered before the Guinn Center issues even its first paper: Every report coming from the center will advocate for a larger and more activist society. Every one. We will never see a paper coming from the Guinn Center calling for less government and lower levels of taxation.

One of the first papers coming from the center will be an endorsement (with some reservations, because they are, after all, a “moderate” think tank) of the Nevada State Education Association’s cruel and vicious business margin tax.

Cynical? OK, I accept the criticism. But then, let’s see what they produce, shall we?



Conservative competition

To the editor:

The conservative Republicans need someone to run in the primary against Rep. Joe Heck. He is a weak Republican who is falling all over himself to out-Democrat the Democrats with his amnesty push. He is losing his base.

We need a strong person who can speak to all citizens about the advantages of conservatism, and who will fight to repeal or defund Obamacare. Is there a Ted Cruz of Nevada?



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