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LETTERS: Medical group’s closure hurts patients

To the editor:

KE Medical Group suddenly closed its doors last month. I received no prior notification of this from KE and have received nothing from the company to date. Thanks to reporting by the Review-Journal (“State officials investigating abrupt closure of KE Medical Group,” Nov. 18), I learned about the closure a few days later. Had the article not appeared, I probably still would not be aware of KE’s capricious misdeed.

As a senior with serious medical issues, I am outraged by this company’s actions.

My primary care physician, who has been taking excellent care of me for many years, suddenly does not have an office. He and his nurse were booted out without notice. I have no access to any of my medical records; neither does my doctor.

I am hopeful that you will continue your investigative reporting on this serious and dangerous situation. Many of us will need immediate assistance in this matter.



Relabeling Obamacare

To the editor:

It wasn’t that long ago when President Barack Obama was proud to have the Affordable Care Act referred to as Obamacare. The president constantly used that term himself. But now that the predicted Obamacare train wreck is actually happening, President Obama now calls it the Affordable Care Act.

We’ll all know that the Affordable Care Act finally is doomed when President Obama starts referring to it as Pelosi-ReidCare.



Insurance dishonesty

To the editor:

Purchasing any type of insurance policy requires budgeting, but having proper coverage is a great mental relief. Every business is out to make as much profit as possible, and it is your responsibility to keep tabs on the insurers for the best coverage at the best rate.

For example: We had the same auto insurance carrier for 10-plus years, and for the past several years, the premiums increased for no apparent reason. We decided to shop around and found an insurance provider with the same coverage, but a 25 percent cheaper rate, so we switched. When we canceled the original policy, the agent indicated that he could renew the old policy at the same discounted price. Needless to say, this fix came too late to soothe our resentment.

The greatest issue in today’s insurance market is health care. Let’s talk about how the insurance companies have ripped off billions of dollars over the past decades and how they are wasting millions of our premium dollars to fight the new health care law, in order to keep their status quo rip-off intact.



Poor voting decisions

To the editor:

President Barack Obama can defend his idiotic diplomacy proposal with Iran until the cows come home. It will still be a boneheaded deal for the world. Without the conditions of dismantling all nuclear infrastructures and the centrifuges, Iran will be the sole beneficiary of this deal, not the world.

Anyone with an ounce of common sense can arrive at the conclusion that Iran will eventually have nuclear weapons if this deal goes through. The president showed his lack of common sense.

For once, I agree with France. This is a bad deal. It once again proves that President Obama doesn’t have the foreign policy experience to wisely negotiate. To all you voters who re-elected the president, surely you now realize that you chose poorly. It is unfortunate that everyone in this country has to suffer for those poor choices.

Hopefully in the next election, there will be better-informed voters who choose wisely. This country depends on it.



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