LETTERS: Minimum wage editorial off mark

To the editor:

The editorial on the minimum wage was a four-pronged attack on impoverished workers (“Not all the rage,” Dec. 7 Review-Journal). It proceeded as follows:

1. How dare the impoverished demand a doubling of their wages at a time of persistent joblessness.

2. Those low-wage earners, 24 or younger, 77 percent of them belong to households that are above poverty lines, showing that they are the second, or even the third earner in those households.

Thus, goes the logic, those “unskilled” workers have no rights to demand more wages, because their families can survive on what they’re making.

3. Those workers don’t have the skills to justify a $15-a-hour wage. But they do have the skills to make billions nationwide and worldwide for the fast-food behemoths.

4. Employers will have a new incentive to automate and eliminate jobs. Making $0 per hour is surely not a living wage.

But automation will be the death knell of would-be dinosaurs, while brand-new entrepreneurs shall assume the old-fashioned way: pay decent wages to good workers. And still profit, royally.

Alas, that won’t happen. The fast-food employers know better.

The insanity of greed is destroying the nation. Lest the rich and the ultra-rich forget, they could not have assumed their fortunes single handedly.



Self-absorbed president

To the editor:

Do Democrats really believe that President Barack Obama cares about anything but himself? He has no interest in helping improve the ratings of Congress or its members, whether Democrat or Republican. He has successfully rendered this Congress irrelevant and impotent. He does not care.

The president’s willing surrogates gave him carte blanche to transform our constitutional form of government to authoritarian. He received support from a compliant Democratic, partisan Congress to force the redistribution of the hard-earned wealth of the middle class to fund his socialistic Obamacare legacy. Surely moderate, patriotic Democrats know now that Obamacare had nothing to do with health care and everything to do with controlling one-sixth of the nation’s economy while redistributing the American dreamers’ earned assets.

The only Democrats showing signs of life are those up for election in 2014. It is known that there is a strong liberal-progressive element in the Democratic Party that wishes this country set its Constitution aside. They are a well-funded and vocal minority, so let’s face it, the survival of the republic still requires loyal Democrats who see beyond the rhetoric and deceit. Where is the outrage for this deceitful transformation?

And where is Congress’ outrage with this president going around them again, entering into treacherous treaties? The Iranian nuclear pact is so weak that it will do nothing to stop the proliferation of nuclear weapons in the Middle East. We appear as amateurs on the world stage. What gives this president any right to enter into negotiations without the benefit of a democratic caucus, using the skills of lifelong practitioners in a negotiation process? Does he think he is so far above the rest of us that he can go it alone?

Above all, the release of American prisoners held captive in Iran should have been on the table. The president and his entourage live for the political moment and a socialistic end-game without regard for the rights and privileges afforded by our Constitution. It is past the time that patriotic Democrats start to question the president’s definition of transforming America. Better late than never. Stand up for our national heritage and freedoms, which were earned so gallantly.



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