LETTERS: Obama no savior; he’s a spender

To the editor:

Letter writer Bob Fuller says President Barack Obama saved the auto industry, but then says don’t blame the president for deficits, because the House spends the money (“Don’t blame Obama,” Wednesday Review-Journal). Mr. Fuller wants it both ways. President Obama did not save the auto industry. He saved the auto unions. General Motors was perfectly capable of filing for bankruptcy without government help. But the Chicago gang wasn’t about to let that crisis go to waste.

President Obama chose the bankruptcy lawyers and the judge, then fired the head of GM, stole GMC from the bondholders and stockholders, and gave the new GM stock to the auto workers unions. And that only accounts for the first of several trillion dollars the president squandered without lowering the unemployment rate. Yes, President Obama can blame the last president for all his failures — the one who was elected in 2008.



School funding

To the editor:

I have been reading about the alleged underfunded schools and how they need to rezone many students. It is time to do the right thing and remove all the undocumented students and children of undocumented parents. We spend millions to teach these children English, and the parents still use Spanish. Go into any local grocery store and see for yourself. Elimination of these burdens to our schools would free up plenty of space and reduce money ill-spent, providing a more fair and equitable learning environment for students who are American citizens.

It makes me angry how much is spent on bilingual education, while my child has to share textbooks and provide his own tissue paper. If we are unable to remove these children, then we should pass legislation to provide that their parents provide a very healthy co-pay for each child to cover his or her education. It is well-known that many undocumented workers work under the table and do not pay an appropriate share of taxes to help support the public education system. The tax burden falls more and more on American citizens to subsidize this segment of our society within public education.



Christie’s aspirations

To the editor:

The recent commentary from Rich Lowry misses the point (“Christie sure to survive aimless arrows fired his way,” Wednesday Review-Journal). Even though there are several ongoing investigations, let’s simply consider Bridgegate, wherein one of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s associates sent out the infamous email starting the lane closings.

In a nearly two-hour speech, Gov. Christie denied knowing about the traffic jam caused by his staff member and his friends in the Port Authority. If Gov. Christie is found to have known about the jam after denying that he did, he is toast. If it is proved that Gov. Christie has been telling the truth, then he can be faulted for surrounding himself with friends and staff who can’t be trusted. If that is the case, he is also toast if he still aspires to run for the presidency, since folks will not be able to trust his choice of the people who will surround him.

And there are more investigations getting started where the arrows are clearly on target. Mr. Lowry clearly hopes that the Gov. Christie’s ratings will hold up, but this could turn into a long, hot summer.



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