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LETTERS: Obamacare a pack of deliberate lies

To the editor:

On Dec. 20, before President Barack Obama and his family jetted off to their $24,000-a-day accommodations in Hawaii, he claimed that 1 million people had just signed up for his not-so-affordable health care program. But on Dec. 23, I found that not one of our 50 states is even close to the expected enrollment numbers.

Also on Dec. 23, I saw this headline stripped across 1A in the Review-Journal: “Cost might shock buyers.” Oops.

Not only will it end up costing all of us more, but the one thing that nobody seems to want to talk about are the giant deductibles built into these plans. Those liberals who will likely strut about and brag that they will only be paying $350 a month seem woefully unprepared for that first hospital visit, when they’ll be forced to pay that $4,000 deductible up front.

We’ve been deliberately lied to, folks, over and over again, and they are still lying. Remember that during the next election cycle in 2014, when I assume most of you will vote more responsibly.



Ending bullying

To the editor:

The obituaries in the Dec. 22 Review-Journal sadly reported the passing of a teenager. Based on what was noted within the obituary, it appears this teen might have been a victim of bullying.

How many young people must we bury due to bullying? This senseless cruelty must be stopped. The parents of this child, instead of buying gifts and sharing the holidays, are suffering through this loss. This must stop. We must wonder how and why it ever began.

Who knows what those who were bullied and no longer with us might have contributed to the world? Sadly, those who do the bullying are left behind to pick another target, when they should be charged for their abuse. They certainly need psychiatric evaluation, and their names and photos should be published so that all can see who and what is in society’s midst.



Paid leave policy

To the editor:

The Review-Journal’s Dec. 11 editorial (“Judging the judge”), noting that Family Court Judge Steven Jones was being placed on paid administrative leave for alleged transgressions, makes glaringly evident the possible abuses. Judge Jones could be on paid leave for up to two years, with taxpayers picking up the tab. The policy of paid leave while a case works toward resolution should be seriously reviewed and changed.

Perhaps a limit of two months for the parties to resolve the issue while on paid leave would be more reasonable. After that, the pay goes into an escrow fund. If the aggrieved party wins, he gets the back pay. If he loses, it is returned to the government. It’s a great incentive to settle quickly rather than needlessly and expensively drag out cases. If the accused party needs money for a longer period and has a good case, it should not be difficult to find a lender to loan against the escrow.

And while the administrative leave pay is being made, a suitable lower position should be found for the accused, for which he/she must show up every day to collect the pay — maybe painting parking stripes in the county parking lots or cleaning up after dogs at the various dog parks. At least the taxpayers will get something for the money being paid, instead of funding extended vacations.



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