LETTERS: Obamacare purveyors don’t know best

To the editor:

Last year, my insurance company informed me that my health coverage now included birth control. I found that ironic, because I am a 57-year-old, post-menopausal woman. This year, government-run Obamacare thinks that I need to add pediatric insurance to that care as well.

My husband and I spent thousands of dollars to treat our infertility, and we were not successful. In other words, no children. I find all of this very hurtful. It’s kind of like asking a blind man to buy reading glasses.

So to Sen. Harry Reid, I ask: Why do you think you know better than me what things I need in my health care coverage?



Don’t wait to act

To the editor:

About 200 yards from my house is a church and an elementary school, on Peace Way. The maximum speed limit on this street during nonschool hours is 25 mph. After bike lanes were painted, I believed drivers would stop passing other cars on the right side when those cars were already traveling the speed limit. It didn’t happen. Drivers just move into the bike lane and zoom past.

Many times, I’ve wanted to call the city about the school bus drivers and city bus drivers who routinely exceed the speed limit on this street, but I never called. After the city installed the radar-activated, this-is-your-speed signs, just around the corner from Peace Way, I thought it would make a difference, but I haven’t seen it.

While out trick-or-treating with her family on Halloween, a 6-year-old girl named Brazyl Monique Ward was hit by a car on Peace Way, right by the church (“Families try to cope in tragedies’ aftermath,” Tuesday Review-Journal). I am doubly disturbed about the incident, having intended to call the city on numerous occasions and complain about the speeding situation on Peace Way. Almost daily, I had made a mental note regarding the danger to children in the area.

I did not call, and I did not write. I did nothing. Is there something you’re not doing that you think you should do? Something you are doing that you feel you shouldn’t do? How will it end? Will someone who is innocent be harmed?



Represent the people

To the editor:

Enough is enough. Majority Leader Harry Reid has been an embarrassment to himself, the Senate, the state of Nevada and to the people he is supposed to be representing. Sen. Reid is the poster child for everything that is wrong with our government today. The party is all he is worried about, not what the people of Nevada or America want.

We the people of Nevada should fight back. Let’s start a statewide campaign to recall Sen. Harry Reid and get him out of office, before he has time to hurt us anymore.



Inflation nation

To the editor:

Linda Lovelle asks how an analysis can be done on the debt ceiling without including the national debt (“National debt goes missing in analysis,” Oct. 29 letters). It can be done because the politicians have a solution without thinking about the national debt. They know reducing spending will not work, because the current administration will not ever even consider cutting the rate of increases.

The solution, used by many countries throughout history, is inflation. It magically makes debt go away as it makes money worth less. In my lifetime, U.S. inflation has been up to 12 percent per year. A few years of that inflation rate, and the debt will be manageable.

The only people who are hurt by this are the poor, the middle class, the retirees and all bond holders

Problem solved.



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