LETTERS: On margins tax, big difference between ‘actual plan’ and good plan

To the editor:

I don’t think Steve Sebelius meant to be funny with his July 27 column (ANOTHER anti-tax study?). Snarky perhaps, but not funny. However, his bottom-line conclusion that we should be foolish enough to vote for the pile of trash that is the Nevada State Education Association’s margins tax (Question 3), because “it’s an actual plan,” is hysterical. Good one, Mr. Sebelius.

Just because there’s an actual plan hardly qualifies that it be approved. When faced with a plan that will strike at us in all areas of our lives, it becomes an act of wisdom, compassion and love for the children, as well as political, social and economic justice, to go into the voting booth and destroy Question 3.



Government and capitalism

To the editor:

This great country was built by alleged robber barons. These industrialists built America to become not only a world power, but also the standard by which capitalism is defined. After the Civil War ended, entrepreneurs began to emerge. Rockefeller, Morgan, Vanderbilt, Carnegie, Harriman and Gould, to name a few, were reviled in the liberal press for becoming wealthy on the backs of working men and were called and caricatured as Robber Barons.

That accusation was frequently fired by Big Labor, which grew huge on — wait for it — the backs of working men.

Railroads, steel, oil, manufacturing, ingenuity and innovation — that’s what built this country. Not a behemoth government. In Sen. Harry Reid’s rants, he calls the philanthropic Koch brothers “un-American.” But they are so very American. To Harry the Hypocrite: don’t let the door slow you down on your way to retirement in Henderson and huge speaking fees.



Our lying leaders

To the editor:

When my 12-year-old son came home from school two weeks ago, he admitted that he was punished for lying. Then he complained to me about the lie of President George W. Bush regarding the deceiving allegation of weapons of mass destruction that led us to go to war in Iraq. He also mentioned the lies and false promises of President Barack Obama about Obamacare. Basically, he wanted to know why these high-ranking leaders in our country get away with lies, without getting punished.

It is indeed sad that our leaders in the past two to three decades have tarnished the integrity of our country by being dishonest. I am infuriated by the IRS scandal, in which three years of emails were erased and hard drives were destroyed. Anyone with some gray matter left can conclude that this was willfully done, and not an inadvertent occurrence.

I was audited by the IRS 15 years ago for the use of my business car. I misplaced the log in which I recorded the business mileage. The consequence: Not only was I disallowed the deduction, but I had to pay a hefty penalty. Lesson learned: The IRS is above the law.

The integrity of our government has stooped down to the level of Afghanistan.



Of water and taxes

To the editor:

I believe it is outrageous that the Southern Nevada Water Authority has everyone cutting back on water consumption except the people who ask for more and more. Two water parks? Why?

Why aren’t the bigger casinos having to do their fair share? When are water officials either going to say no or make the big casinos cut back a great deal on water consumption?

Now, SNWA chief John Entsminger proposes to pay farmers, cities and power plant operators to reduce water consumption (“Water official: Vegas not running dry,” July 15 Review-Journal online). Unbelievable.

There is also the problem of local governments running out of money, so they keep raising all the taxes (petty the small business people). Then we read about Las Vegas needing taxpayer money for a proposed new soccer stadium.

Then there are proposals to build a new baseball stadium for the 51s and a new stadium at UNLV. Where does it all end? What about the schools and helping people with mental health issues?

And why aren’t the casinos paying their fair share in taxes, like all the casinos in other states?

What a city. I thought Las Vegas was a wonderful town when we moved here in 1997. Boy, am I changing my mind fast.



Competing arguments

To the editor:

Thank you to the editors of the Review-Journal for publishing the letters of John Isaacs (“GOP too dumb to take sound advice”) and Rick Reynolds (“Media and the GOP”) in the July 22 edition. Since your editorial staff doesn’t write about both sides, at least you had the democratic spirit to publish letters representing both sides of the aisle.



Border crisis

To the editor:

Presently, we have a Congress and a president doing nothing to secure the southern border. Thank God for Gov. Rick Perry, who isn’t seeking permission from anyone as he puts National Guard troops at the southern border of Texas. Thank you, Gov. Perry. I appreciate your leadership and ability to take action.



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