LETTERS: People violence is the true problem

To the editor:

This is a Mrs. Citizen responding to James A. Geffert’s letter (“Elected officials must stand against guns,” July 3 Review-Journal). I happen to be one of those well-meaning but clueless folks Mr. Geffert rails against in his letter. However, if anyone is clueless, it is Mr. Geffert, because we don’t have gun violence in this country. What we have is people violence.

Mr. Geffert feels that we have way too many guns on the streets causing all these senseless deaths. I wonder if he feels the same about automobiles, given that over the July 4 weekend alone, enough people died senselessly on our nation’s highways to fill a good-sized cemetery.

The people with the power to change this sickening reality of highway violence, our elected representatives, are not going to do anything about it. People will drive while drunk, text, talk on cellphones and even put on makeup while behind the wheel, and not a damn thing will be done to stop these lethal people from the possibility of creating carnage on our streets and highways. Are you the least bit outraged by this, Mr. Geffert?



Help on home front

To the editor:

I do not understand the problems we are having with the homeless and illegal immigrants. If President Barack Obama can ask Congress for billions of dollars to help with illegal immigrant children, why is there no money to be had for the homeless? The president has had one setback after another and needs something good to turn around his presidency. If we can allow unescorted illegal children into this country, and then transport them to other states to be taken care of, what about homeless people?

Maybe the president needs to ask Congress to approve money to round up all the homeless, put them on buses and ship them to Texas. He could then issue an executive order to bus all of the homeless into Mexico, then back to the U.S. as illegal immigrants. Then they could be bused back where they originally came from, after getting the medical treatment they needed. The government might even be able to pick up and help some of our veterans — it would be faster than trying to get a normal appointment at a Veterans Affairs clinic.

I am sure that the president, with help from Congress, could buy up some foreclosed properties so that the homeless would have a place to sleep. The hardest thing for homeless people to do is get benefits. You need a mailing address, or at least a P.O. box, for the forms, even if you use a computer.

I don’t know why this administration can help everybody else before taking care of our own.



Horsford’s concern

To the editor:

Gary S. Rosenfeld is absolutely correct about Rep. Steven Horsford (“Horsford’s border trip,” July 3 Review-Journal letters). Of course going to the border with Rep. Nancy Pelosi and sympathizing with the poor children is all part of a carefully orchestrated campaign to be re-elected. You don’t hear Rep. Horsford asking the real question: “Why has the president chosen not to enforce our immigration laws?”

Here is a man backed by Sen. Harry Reid’s machine, in a district that is predominantly Democrat. Rep. Horsford thinks all he has to do is have lots of photo-ops, smile a lot and have his remarks printed by the Review-Journal, and re-election is a done deal. Why pay attention to the real problems we face when it involves political risk?

This year is another critical one in terms of the direction of our country, and everyone needs to be familiar with the issues and be knowledgeable about the candidates. I have written Rep. Horsford on a number of occasions regarding Obamacare, fraud and waste, education, energy independence, jobs and the economy. His responses range from “thank you for your input” to the latest Democrat talking points — which have nothing to do with the question — or no response at all.

Rep. Horsford is a member of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. With the large number of scandals, one would expect a high level of effort to find facts, which is not the case. In his public appearances, when he is asked about the IRS scandal, his reply is along the lines of, “I haven’t seen anything that points to the White House,” followed by a remark that it is a Republican problem. If you are represented by Rep. Horsford, you need to take a little time to view C-SPAN when the Oversight Committee is in session. You will see the same smiling face chastising the chairman and in turn blaming Republicans for causing any investigation — right out of the Democrat playbook. When he does ask questions, they contribute nothing to uncovering the truth.

I believe that the most powerful and most feared government agency, the IRS, is completely out of control and that there is evidence of wrongdoing. The truth needs to be discovered, but Rep. Horsford will make no contribution to that end. I asked him if he had seen any evidence of wrongdoing — surprisingly, there was no reply. Rep. Horsford should save the taxpayers some money by just staying home. The Oversight Committee could use his allotted minutes for real fact-finding. Rep. Pelosi already knows how he will vote.

It is high time that all voters get off of their backsides and find out for themselves what is going on. It is also time for the media to do some critical and objective reporting.



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