LETTERS: President misleads with default talk

To the editor:

Now we see President Barack Obama claiming that if we don’t blindly pass another monstrous increase in our national debt, we will default on our obligations. Nothing could be further from the truth.

In reality, the federal government takes in more than $200 billion per month. The debt service, on average, is less than $20 billion per month. Thus, there is absolutely no reason that interest payments cannot be made unless the president and Treasury Secretary Jack Lew make a conscious decision to default.

That, of course, would be the most irresponsible thing a president could do, but anything is on the table if President Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid perceive some sort of political advantage. This con man and his No. 1 henchman have no problem locking veterans out of open-air parks and refusing to sign bills to help children with cancer. Or in this case, destroying the credit of the United States, if it allows more leverage to run up the debt another $5 trillion to $10 trillion.

Children, veterans and seniors are all pawns on the political chessboard of Barack Obama and Harry Reid. Need to put pressure on the Republicans? Let’s imply Social Security checks might not go out or veterans benefits won’t get paid. This detestable political gambit of frightening little old ladies, vets and parents exposes the president and Sen. Reid for exactly what they are: pathetic political figures who care about nothing but power.



Moderate Republicans

To the editor:

For the sake of Americans now living in an uncertain mode, it’s time for those members of the Republican Party who are frustrated with the direction the party is headed to make a necessary decision. If moderate Republicans are being smothered out of the process in the House of Representatives because the tea party Republicans feel they are the real Republicans, maybe it is time for sensible Republicans to separate themselves from the extremists who hijacked the party.

Though the tea party members are not killing people, they have something in common with the Taliban in Afghanistan; they’re bitter and bent on inflicting emotional pain on innocent citizens while attacking the present leadership in American. It’s my notion the new attack on Obamacare is part of that bitterness that has put the tea party in a strange mental frenzy to stop its success.

It would certainly be a political wonder — and wishful thinking — if moderate Republican representatives switched to the Democratic Party. House Majority Leader John Boehner would lose his power to stop votes to open the government, and the tea party would be marginalized. This would be that type of political courage John Kennedy mentioned in “Profiles in Courage.” It really does not matter whether you’re a Republican or Democrat; it does matter whether America will continue to be a mature democracy or a democracy for the few.



Medical marijuana

To the editor:

Perhaps the city should not be in a rush to provide marijuana dispensary licenses at all (“Proposed rules for medical pot draw complaints,” Wednesday Review-Journal). If marijuana is medicinal, doesn’t it make more sense to have pharmacies help organize its distribution and dispense it? The pharmacies are already in the business of checking for legal prescriptions, and they have counter service available, too.

Using pharmacies might help prevent potential abuse, and it would ensure that appropriate state taxes are collected. Maybe this idea has already been considered and rejected, but if not, it could be worth a look.



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