LETTERS: Punishing immigrants who follow law

To the editor:

I am so tired of the immigration news. If people are here illegally, why is there even a discussion?

My daughter-in-law was born in Taiwan and moved to Saudi Arabia as a child. When she was 14, her parents sent her to live with relatives in the United States for a better life. She is very well-educated — she speaks four languages — and became an attorney with a large New York City law firm.

Seventeen years later, at 31, she finally got her green card. Twice she had to leave the United States after being denied visa renewal; once for a year in London and again for two weeks in Canada.

How is it that a person who can truly contribute to society had such a struggle, while we let the uneducated jump the fences? I feel for all the people like my daughter-in-law, going through the proper procedure while seemingly being slapped in the face. Hopefully this issue will be resolved with the dignity it deserves.



Democratic mentality

To the editor:

President Barack Obama’s executive action legalizing nearly 5 million undocumented immigrants is more proof he cares for non-Americans more than he cares about Americans. Remember, the president did nothing to have American soldier Andrew Tahmooressi released from the brutality of his illegal confinement in a Mexican prison. Eight months went by before Mr. Tahmooressi was able to come home, very likely more emotionally traumatized than from the post-traumatic stress disorder from which he already suffered.

People entering our country illegally from Mexico and other areas surrounding are wholeheartedly welcomed by President Obama. He has compassion for their plight, but not for an American soldier.

Need more proof? How about the dismissive regard the president has for the Constitution? He’d rather rule by executive action than attempt to work with Congress in his capacity as president. Instead of leading our nation, he chooses to act like a spoiled brat who can’t accept not getting his way.

In fact, this is the very mentality of the Democratic Party: bully, intimidate and demean others if they do not agree with the Democrats’ ideology. Disagree with Mr. Obama on his policies, and you’re a racist; disagree on gay marriage, you’re a homophobe; disagree on the gender gap and income inequality issues, you’re a chauvinist; and disagree on right-to-life beliefs, and you’re part of the war on women.

You see the pattern. If we disagree, we are the haters.

Conservatives want justice, our rule of law respected, and, most importantly, freedom for all Americans. When we have a president and political party believing they know what’s best for everyone else — because we all are too stupid to know better — then we have lost all justice, rule of law and our freedom. Obamacare, the IRS scandal, Fast and Furious, Benghazi and now amnesty for non-Americans are all proof of that.



Frederick’s departure

To the editor:

Many thanks to Sherman Frederick for the excellent column he provided readers each Sunday. Since my wife and I retired to Las Vegas in 2004, we have enjoyed reading the Review-Journal and appreciated Mr. Frederick’s columns, as he provided us with a unique insight into Nevada and national politics. He always wrote in an informative and witty way that showed in-depth insight into the issues of the day.

Good luck in your next mission, Mr. Frederick, and we are looking forward to hearing from you again. Maybe once a year, you can give us your analysis and opinion on the current state of affairs. Your column will be missed.



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