LETTERS: Raise taxes, and prosperity will follow

To the editor:

Jack Oliver chants the overused and untrue mantra continually hummed by conservatives, attempting to discredit a minimum wage increase by saying it will cost jobs (“Obama’s minimum wage push not helpful,” Feb. 5 Review-Journal letters). My opinion is that if an employer has the need and use for another employee, he will hire one regardless of the going wage, and if he doesn’t need one, he won’t hire one. It’s as simple as that. Employers don’t hire people based on ideology, but on need and need only, though if they had their way, they would pay the lowest wage possible. Still, they sure don’t hire for charity or ideological reasons.

Of course, conservatives who are against a minimum wage hike are also against welfare, food stamps, Medicaid, etc. Their ideology, as usual, is to just let people starve and go without health care, even if they have jobs with starvation wages.

The income inequality that plagues this nation has come about by tax cuts, especially for the rich, and these cuts have caused most, if not all, of the debt. There are rich people in even the poorest Third World countries, where most of the population is left to fend for themselves while the few richest live in luxury. This kind of a situation eventually ends with a revolution.

My answer to all this is to keep all the social programs we have and raise taxes (mainly on the rich) to pay for them. The country will not only survive but prosper, almost debt-free.



Arrogant Republicans

To the editor:

The Koch brothers, Charles and David, are perfect examples of the arrogance of inherited money. They are trying to buy this country for the benefit of the rich and privileged, through their support of several conservative political organizations.

Their lack of consideration for the rights of the poor and middle class sows a lack of empathy for the humanity of less-privileged people. This lack of empathy for other human beings raises the question of the possibility of them being related to Karl Koch, a commandant of Nazi concentration camps during World War II, whose wife Ilse Koch allegedly made lamp shades out of the skins of concentration camp inmates.

In their arrogance and ignorance, Republicans love to call President Barack Obama vile names such as Hitler, Nazi or commandant in chief.

Then there is that rich doofus, Tom Perkins, who claims that the rich are being persecuted and experiencing the terrors of Kristallnacht, the horrors experienced by the Jews in November 1938. To trivialize the horrors of the Nazis only shows Republican stupidity. Most of today’s Republicans were not even alive during World War II, and no one can accuse them of being students of history any more than they are students of female biology.

Instead of labeling people with terms they don’t understand, Republicans should look within their own ranks when they try to brand someone as evil.



Greater good vs. freedom

To the editor:

The tyranny of the numbers was on grand display in Paul Harasim’s “To Your Health” column (Jan. 27 Review-Journal). Mr. Harasim, like so many others, loves liberty, unless he doesn’t. All across the human spectrum, zealots are out to destroy freedom in the name of the greater good and the general welfare. The most powerful weapon in their armory of oppression? The numbers.

People make bad decisions, and they die by the thousands. Worse, they don’t die and wind up costing society billions. Bad people. Stupid people. They must be brought to heel. The greater good and general welfare demand it.

Mr. Harasim has probably gotten his social welfare philosophy from Mr. Spock: “The needs of the many clearly outweigh the needs of the few.” How else could he write, “When it comes to public health, the good of the whole should outweigh the freedom of the individual”?

Lost on Mr. Harasim is the brutal fact that myriad other zealots are out there with similar messages on public safety, the environment, drugs, abortion, national security, etc., saying that the good of the whole should outweigh the freedom of the individual. No, it shouldn’t.

No matter how much individuals’ bad choices may cost us as a society, it doesn’t amount to a grain of sand in the Great Basin compared with the freedom we have already lost and continue to lose every day at the hands of the bean-counting, numbers-crunching, we-know-what’s-best-and-you-will-obey zealots.



Jail death

To the editor:

Luis Solano, an overweight drug dealer, died of positional asphyxia because jail guards played too rough with him when he wouldn’t do what he was told (“Video horrifies family,” Feb. 7 Review-Journal). So now his upstanding family is looking for a big cash handout and, of course, the government will give the family the taxpayers’ money, once again. Sickening.



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