LETTERS: Ray Rice issue nothing to joke about

To the editor:

On Sept. 8, while at work, I saw the Ray Rice video appear on television the first time. I turned away. The next day, conversations increased, news articles came across my sports app on my smartphone, and the story dominated “SportsCenter.” Two days after the video got out, it was the conversation when drinking a cup of coffee, completing a morning report, eating lunch with a co-worker or listening to the radio broadcast in the car, and it was the topic of interest at the gym.

All kinds of remarks were made, from poignant to unnecessary.

However, not all of us are so keen on the conversation. We all know the statistics on domestic violence. One in three women face domestic violence at some point. Every nine seconds, a woman is abused. It can be any of us.

One day, I sat at lunch with a table of women. The Ray Rice video flashed across the TV screen, and the first thing someone said was, “Why would she ever marry him after that? What is wrong with her?” The response? “For his millions.” Cue the laughter.

It’s time that narrative changed. There were what feels like 15,000 reasons I stayed. There were 15,001 reasons I left. Why a woman stays or leaves is frankly none of your business. It’s not the anecdote in your morning story, the musing with a friend to make you seem more intelligent, and it’s certainly not your punchline.

The next time you decide to weigh in, I simply ask that you stop, look around the room and count the number of women. Divide the number by three and then ask yourself: Has she told you why she stayed? Has she told you why she left? How will your “profound” input on the situation leave her feeling the rest of the day? How long is that joke, which you thought was so hilarious, going to reverberate in her mind?

Maybe by taking a step back and examining the true devastation that comes from matters such as these, we can change the conversation to a more productive one. You can volunteer at a battered women’s shelter or donate clothes and toys. Good can come out of this situation, and it doesn’t have to come in the form of a joke at the expense of someone who has been through enough.



Myers an honest reporter

To the editor:

I couldn’t disagree more with letter writer Jack Dempsey and his liberal commentary on Review-Journal reporter Laura Myers’ articles about Hillary Clinton and Sen. Harry Reid (“Right-wing R-J,” Sept. 11 Review-Journal). The Review-Journal is indeed fortunate to have a refreshing reporter such as Ms. Myers on staff — someone who will report the truth and tell it like it is.

Ms. Myers’ recent reporting of the NAACP convention in Las Vegas was hardly a right-wing story and belonged on the front page. Thanks, Ms. Myers, for being an honest journalist. Keep reporting the facts for the real Review-Journal subscribers.



Not-so-green energy

To the editor:

Using solar power to “save the planet” involves the killing of our desert critters and birds. Acres of desert land cleared out to install mirrors will kill desert tortoises, quail, lizards, roadrunners, rabbits, snakes, coyotes, ground squirrels and all the rest. Birds and butterflies will be fried in the air just flying over the solar panels.

How does the death of all the above save the earth?

I live in Searchlight to enjoy the desert landscape, including the Joshua trees, yucca, all kinds of cacti that bloom, the creosote bushes, the wildflowers and the serenity of the beautiful desert.

What? You say there are bunches of these critters, and a few of them must be sacrificed? Well, humans expel carbon dioxide, which adds to “global warming.” Why not sacrifice a few of them to save Mother Earth? We have more than 300 million humans in the United States alone. Losing a few to the cause won’t matter.

The unctuous politicians who think they know what is best for us need to do some serious, civilized thinking about other means to obtain energy. Do you people out there really think this “green” thing is being done for your benefit? The only green that I can see is lining the pockets of a certain few.

More research needs to be done, and the construction of solar power plants needs to be stopped until such research is completed. Is this another boondoggle?



Send Obama, Reid, Pelosi

To the editor:

I see that President Barack Obama — of Nobel Peace Prize fame — is sending more troops to the Middle East and is asking Congress to authorize a program to train and arm the rebels. Isn’t this how Vietnam started?

I have a much better idea, and it involves putting far fewer Americans in harm’s way. Let’s send Sen. Harry Reid, Rep. Nancy Pelosi and President Obama instead. If those three can get Congress to pass Obamacare, they should be able to convince the people of the Middle East to embrace change and get along with one another.



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