LETTERS: The best government, justice money can buy

To the editor:

This country has had many instances where laws simply reflected power, money or the status quo as opposed to the actual interests of the people. There were laws allowing segregation and the laws putting Japanese people into camps during World War II. And 50 or so years ago, the Supreme Court, in order to justify the war on drugs, held that a person who grew marijuana in his basement and consumed it within his own home was “engaged in interstate commerce” and thus the federal government could put him in prison.

Note how this was so different from alcohol Prohibition, which required an actual amendment to the Constitution. One can never overestimate the ability of the Supreme Court to torture language to arrive at the conclusion that they or the powers that be want. And those august justices just do not seem to learn. They re-affirmed that intrastate commerce is just like interstate commerce just a couple of years ago; look what that tortured ruling has wrought on this country in terms of lives destroyed and money wasted.

Just because legislatures and courts claim that something is good or bad or right or wrong does not make it so, and does not carry a lot of weight with me. Having said that, I want to offer up a bit of information that I have not seen in this newspaper.

People make a big deal of how Cliven Bundy has not paid his grazing fees. It is assumed that all the other ranchers in the area are paying those fees. Except that there are no other ranchers in that area. You see, the BLM has driven every single rancher in that area (and there used to be more than 50) out of the area or out of business through regulations and fees that made profitable ranching an impossibility. Following the dictates of the federal government meant going out of business.

I grant that when it comes to race relations Mr. Bundy might be an ignorant buffoon. But he is right about one thing: The government is working to make 99 percent of us slaves. This may be, in part, because we have the best government and justice that money can buy.

Mr. Bundy did not have a lot of money, but he does have a lot of friends. Perhaps this will be a wake-up call to the country.



Weak response

To the editor:

Regarding the Cliven Bundy matter, it is my understanding that the Bureau of Land Management was acting in accordance with a court order that was issued after many years of litigation. If my understanding is correct, Mr. Bundy is nothing more than an arrogant, ignorant fool who believes he is above the law.

It is not a dispute between Mr. Bundy and President Barack Obama, the Democratic Party or the Republican Party. If my understanding is correct, the militiamen who have taken arms in support of Mr. Bundy are nothing more than fools who have started an armed insurrection against the government and the citizens of the United States.

The militiamen are lucky that Mr. Obama is a weak president. If he were strong, he would take all the steps necessary to enforce the order of the federal judge and put down the insurrection of the militiamen. If he were strong, he would federalize the Nevada National Guard and give Mr. Bundy and the militiamen five days to obey law and give up their weapons and disperse.



Lifestyles of the rich

To the editor:

So it is OK for Henderson to cut services to seniors while allowing City Attorney Josh Reid, City Clerk Sabrina Mercadante and City Manager Jacob Snow to receive monthly personal allowances between $550 and $750 (“Officials criticized for boost to salary,” Friday Review-Journal)? Mr. Reid’s annual salary before benefits is about $200,000, and the other two have similar over-the-top cushy salaries as well.

I think Mr. Reid, Mr. Snow and Ms. Mercadante need to get out of their taxpayer-funded, air-conditioned offices, go to the Heritage Park Senior Facility and have lunch with the hundreds who go there for their only meal of the day. Then, on the way out, they need to drop their unnecessary personal allowances into the offering box so the people who pay their salaries can continue to get one good meal a day and have a place to go to cool off in the hot summer months and develop some friendships.

It is already bad enough that Mr. Reid’s position as city attorney was arranged by his father, U.S. Sen. Harry Reid, to get him this cushy job. That Josh Reid and the others mentioned actually take from World War II veterans and their families and continue their lavish lifestyles is a slap in the face.

Now excuse me while I vomit.

Maureen McCoy


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