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LETTERS: This team name should satisfy Harry Reid

To the editor:

Because Sen. Harry Reid, an admitted follower and fan of Washington’s football team, is so obsessed with changing the Redskins’ team name, this is what I suggest: Owner Daniel Snyder should change the name to honor super fan Harry and change the team name to the Washington Reidskins.



Remedial system

To the editor:

Steve Sebelius’ column on the passing of numerous powerful and influential Nevadans was centered on the fact that all were champions for education, and indeed they were (“Too few good men,” Sunday Review-Journal).

How ironic is it, then, that public K-12 schools routinely turn out so many graduates who need remedial courses in college?

And it’s not at all uncommon for students to repeat these remedial classes, even though the classes are essentially the same as Algebra I and Algebra II, which nearly all took — and apparently passed — in high school.



One-sided gun debate

To the editor:

Bob Hartman’s Sunday letter to the editor suggested that only well-trained persons should have the privilege of owning a weapon. The letter was accurate — to a point.

Concealed weapon permit holder Joseph Wilcox tried to intervene on the public’s behalf at Wal-Mart when he was killed June 8. His actions were laudable, and I applaud him for trying to stop an armed cop-killer. But Mr. Hartman’s letter did not address the shootings committed by people who illegally obtain weapons. His criticisms only addressed lawful gun owners.

Where was Mr. Hartman’s disdain for those who use guns illegally? Oh yes, I forgot, it is only the legal gun owner who can be found and regulated. The illegal gun owner, well, we will just wait to see if he will come forward and surrender his weapons and abide by the law.

I don’t think I will hold my breath for that.



Stricter laws a must

To the editor:

When looking for peace and safety in our society as far as guns go, the answer is simple: we need stricter gun control laws.

It is believed by most people who are “pro-gun” that there are two sides; the “good people” and the “bad people.” It is also believed if more guns are given to the “good people” that the “bad people” will be scared off. Unfortunately we do not live in a society that is that well-balanced.

For example, we are not taking into account that there are the stupid, ignorant, hot-tempered, accident-prone people, and the untrained people. There are also the people who are motivated by race, gender, religion and sexual orientation. These people, although they may not be criminals or felons, are not people who should be carrying guns.

Let’s take the Trayvon Martin case: a young man was shot and killed because of a misunderstanding by a man who was not trained to handle that type of situation.

Let’s look at domestic violence. The fact is, when there is a gun around and an intimate couple is in a heated dispute or conflict, it is more likely to turn into a murder.

The answer to making our country a safer place is not easier access to guns, but stricter gun laws.



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