LETTERS: Unemployment rate shows Obama a job creator, not job killer

To the editor:

For those who only read the Review-Journal’s editorials, one would come to the conclusion that President Barack Obama is the worst job-killing president ever. If it isn’t about new regulations or the Keystone pipeline, then it’s always something else. These relentless yet unjustified attacks continue, while they defy reality.

The worst job-killing presidents in modern history were Republicans. Beginning with the “chicken in every pot” Herbert Hoover and the infamous Great Depression, and more recently the “mission accomplished” President George W. Bush, the originator of our Great Recession. They were responsible for our worst of times, not the best of times.

Shortly after President Obama took office, unemployment peaked at 10 percent and has continued declining to a nearly full employment level of 5.8 percent. This improving employment trend will continue into the new year. Today, unemployment isn’t the defining issue; it’s the distribution of wealth and its influence upon elections.

Thanks to the Republicans — who always claim the rich are overtaxed — the distribution of wealth in this country has never been skewed more toward the already-rich. The middle class is evaporating and their wages are declining in relative terms, while the richest 10 percent of the population now control 75 percent of all individual wealth in America — $62 trillion.

One thing the Republicans are right about is the need to reorganize our tax structure. If and when they do, who do you think will benefit from this reorganization? Just guess.



Respect the citizens

To the editor:

I was going to write a long letter expressing my frustration with the current administration in Washington, D.C., but then I read Cherie S. Wood’s letter to the editor (“Democratic Mentality,” Dec. 2 Review-Journal). Thank you, Ms. Wood, I couldn’t have said it better.

There is no room for disagreement in President Barack Obama’s White House. If anyone dares to differ, then the name-calling begins. No thought is given to what a large portion of this country has to say, and, as Ms. Wood pointed out, “we have a president and political party believing they know what’s best for everyone else — because we all are too stupid to know better.”

I have seen letter after letter scolding anyone and everyone who criticizes this president. All complaints and criticisms are viewed as a personal attack on an African-American president. We are lectured on having respect for the office of the president, and therefore, respect for the person who holds that office.

Well, I believe that respect goes both ways, so here’s the deal: We’ll start respecting our president and his administration when they start respecting us. When they stop lying to us. When they stop ignoring half of the country. When they start following the Constitution and the rule of law. When they stop treating us as if we are a bunch of idiots, because believe me, we are not.



Face of law enforcement

To the editor:

As all reasonable people can see, there is an assault being perpetrated on black males of all ages in the United States. Some of these victims are engaged in illegal behavior that forces police officers to make split-second decisions. But is that determination made because these officers fear black males?

With the rash of police shootings of black boys and men, I have to agree that fear or suppressed racism is the major cause of these officers’ actions. As in every community, we need police officers. This is an open call to all young black men and women to flood your local municipalities with applications to join your police departments. Start patrolling your own communities. This is how change begins. Not by unsolicited riots and protests by people who have no idea of what they are even protesting. Change starts from within.

If thousands of black citizens start submitting applications for law enforcement jobs, then the change will start right there. Then governments can’t say that no blacks are applying for police jobs. This is a major argument they use for having whites from outside the community patrolling in predominantly black communities.

Decide to police your own communities and take a bite out of your community’s crime. As long as you have a majority of whites policing black communities, these senseless killings will continue. We complain about white police officers treating blacks differently, which they do a lot of the time. Flood the application process, and then let’s see why they are not hiring blacks to police their own communities. This is the fight that needs to be fought.



Undocumented educators

To the editor:

A recent article on immigration included this statement: “In Nevada, officials are drafting a bill for the Legislature making clear that unauthorized immigrants can become teachers in the state. Current rules specify that a prospective teacher must be a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident before they can receive a teaching license in Nevada.” (For immigrants, benefits linked to locale,” Nov. 29 Review-Journal).

Is this true? If so, which officials are drafting a bill to allow undocumented immigrants to get teaching credentials in Nevada? I have never heard of this before, and I am stunned that anyone would think this would be good for Nevada schools.



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