LETTERS: Wilcox, family deserve praise, peace

To the editor:

I have never written a letter to the editor, and up until now, I have never felt a need to do so. But Thomas Glennon’s letter has spurred me to action at last (“Had Joseph Wilcox stopped Jerad Miller, he would have been a criminal, too,” Saturday Review-Journal). I am not here to argue for or against the merits of Mr. Glennon’s remarks, other than to offer Mr. Glennon the advice that he really should read more closely the statutes that deal with Nevada self-defense laws.

Where I would like to focus my attention, however, is on the need that Mr. Glennon has to slander Mr. Wilcox’s name by attributing him as a “rash, impulsive guy,” or to suggest that he would have been a “criminal” had he stopped the Millers, or finally to suggest that Amanda Miller was justified in killing Mr. Wilcox. Mr. Glennon, before you make such rash, impulsive comments, perhaps you should place yourself in the shoes of Mr. Wilcox’s family.

What if Mr. Wilcox had been your son? What if your child had been shot while trying to do what he or she had thought was best? Would you have written in to the paper and tried to condemn your own child the way you have tried to condemn Debra Wilcox’s son? Imagine that poor family, reading your letter to the editor in the newspaper, and the way that they would feel to hear you talk about a dead man with such disrespect. How would you feel if it was your child who had met his death at the hand of a murderer?

We all have the freedom of speech. But we also have the freedom of choice. Mr. Wilcox chose to try to stop Jerad Miller. Right or wrong, it is what he chose. Mr. Glennon, you have the freedom to choose what you say and write. But please keep in mind the hurt that you can transmit in just a few paragraphs. With great power comes great responsibility, right? Leave this poor man and his family in peace.



Shootings and Bundy

To the editor:

I read with interest Jeff German’s take on the execution of our two police officers (“Bunkerville ‘success’ may spur anti-government fight,” June 11 Review-Journal). Mr. German worked very hard to connect the killers, Jerad and Amanda Miller, to the supporters of Cliven Bundy. As it turned out, the Millers did go to Bunkerville to join the Bundy group in April but were booted out when it became evident they were far too radical for those who were at the ranch. That fact was not mentioned by Mr. German until late in this article, the second one he’d done on the subject.

Could it be that was by design? Was Mr. German trying to blur that aspect? Did he imply that Mr. Bundy’s advocates were potential cold-blooded killers?

He mentioned that the patriot movement is largely made up of militia types, sovereign citizens and tax protesters — presumably all ne’er-do-wells. He failed to mention constitutionalists, regular churchgoers, common everyday workers, business owners, small-government advocates and supporters of a continuation of the American Dream. Americans who resent the fact that many politicians refuse to listen to their constituents (Sen. Harry Reid and Rep. Eric Cantor, for example) were also part of the Bundy ranch crowd.

Mr. German used the views of the Southern Poverty Law Center to support his perspective that the patriot movement is dangerous. Readers of the Review-Journal may or may not know that the SPLC is a far-left activist group that supports big government intervention in social issues, economics and education, and is against anything conservative. The SPLC specializes in using the so-called “hate” industry to achieve its goals.

Unless I was a full-fledged lefty, I don’t think I would use the Southern Poverty Law Center to support my point of view.



Obama’s parallel universe

To the editor:

I see President Barack Obama is seeking to deflect his sagging approval ratings by returning to his old excuses. At a Minnesota fundraiser on June 26, he told the crowd that the news is full of “fabricated issues and phony scandals that are geared for the next election or ginning up the base. It’s not on the level.” Have we heard this before?

Say what you will about who the president blames for Benghazi, Fast and Furious, children flooding across our southern border, the total mayhem in the Middle East, Vladimir Putin, our declining economy, etc. But the latest polls show that 76 percent of Americans (both Republicans and Democrats) think the IRS deliberately destroyed Lois Lerner’s emails, 63 percent disapprove of the president’s handling of the Veterans Affairs cover-up, and Americans believe that both of these scandals should continue to be investigated.

The president clearly owns the major embarrassments of the VA and IRS scandals. He cannot blame George W. Bush, the tea party or Congress. Would someone specifically ask him just why these scandals are phony, and, by the way, how life is in his parallel universe?



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