LETTERS: Will immigration reform help economy?

To the editor:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and politicians on both sides of the political spectrum are pushing immigration reform (“Obama will act alone on immigration, Reid warns,” Wednesday Review-Journal). I hear how great it is supposed to be for the country, but I have yet to hear any of the politicians explain how allowing 11 million more illegal immigrants into the country is supposed to help unemployment, stimulate the economy and keep taxes down.

If the old story holds — “They take the jobs that American citizens won’t take” — then maybe the reasons for that ought to be investigated. Could it be that many Americans profit more from not working?



Acting alone

To the editor:

Sen. Harry Reid threatened at a Tuesday news conference that President Barack Obama will act alone on immigration if Speaker of the House John Boehner fails to bring amnesty legislation up for a vote by August 1 (“Obama will act alone on immigration,” Reid warns,” Wednesday Review-Journal). Why would the threat to shred our legal system motivate Republicans to pass a bill giving amnesty or legal status to unauthorized immigrants?

We are a nation built on the rule of law, not the rule of the Divine Right of Kings. There is a co-equal branch of government under our system and that branch — Congress — is responsible for making our laws. No U.S. president, including President Obama, can ignore, override or rewrite the laws of this country.

Let the people decide the question of amnesty for unauthorized aliens in the midterm election this November. If Sen. Reid is correct that voters are demanding comprehensive immigration reform that includes granting amnesty or legal status to unauthorized aliens, then the Republican Party will suffer defeat on Election Day. If he is wrong, the Democratic Party will lose.



Bedbugs and ballyhoo

To the editor:

Regarding the story about bedbugs at a Laughlin hotel owned by lieutenant governor candidate Sue Lowden, I ask: bedbugs? Really? (“Bedbug issue haunts Lowden,” May 24 Review-Journal). Is that the best you can do to smear Sue Lowden?

How about posting a full article about Republican primary opponent and state Sen. Mark Hutchison’s bold-faced lie about his business: “I’m not a personal injury lawyer. … I don’t employ personal injury lawyers”? (May 19 Review-Journal Political Eye). But that’s nothing compared with having a hotel 100 miles away that at one time actually had bedbugs.

Why doesn’t the Review-Journal just come out in an editorial and support Sen. Hutchison and get it over with.

Great reporting.



Bad people and guns

To the editor:

Regarding gun control, I believe that laws totally prohibiting gun ownership would not stop bad people from owning guns. Bad people will always be able to get guns. And places that prohibit firearms give bad people safe places to go to carry out their actions — it seems that is where they always go.

When shootings occur, people with guns are called — the police — and they always arrive after the shooting is over. It seems to me that law-abiding citizens who qualify to use firearms should be allowed to do so everywhere. They may not prevent an incident, but they may be able to greatly reduce the damage done by bad people.



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