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Abortion, contraception are good means of population control

While I do not believe abortion and the modern means of birth control are murder, I will use the word “murder” to describe those acts because the Catholic Church and some other religions consider them murder.

Humanity will murder billions and billions and billions of living, breathing humans or potential humans and no power on Earth or in the heavens will prevent that. Those murders will occur before birth by the means of birth control or abortion and after birth by wars over resources with weapons of mass destruction.

The wars over the lack of resources will happen when the human population exceeds the ability of the Earth to supply the resources necessary for civilization to continue. And this already has happened. According to the Global Footprint Network, humanity is in “overshoot” and presently uses the resources of 1.7 planets. No scientific organization disputes that fact.

The only way to get out of overshoot and to prevent the destruction of civilization is to reduce the human population through abortion and birth control. Civilization will collapse before the year 2100 due to the exploding human population.

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