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Agree: Bonnie Springs no great loss

At the risk of being criticized, I am inclined to agree with Kathy Espin regarding her views on the closing of Bonnie Springs (Sunday commentary).

During my multiple visits over the years, I witnessed animals that didn’t seem to be living happy lives, including turtles living in fetid pond water. The establishment had been reported to national animal welfare groups on more than one occasion by concerned visitors.

This longstanding rural form of “family entertainment” came at a price to the animals that were capitalized on. Kids can just as easily learn about animals by going to the park to observe the ducks and other small wildlife in their natural habitats. Or they can travel just outside town to view wild horses or burros.

Holding animals captive in less than optimal condition just so curious folks can pet them and pay for the privilege just seems so unnecessary, especially now that we know better.

Annoula Wylderich

Las Vegas

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